Do you believe that your dreams and predictions connected in your present or future life? Well, it does to me. When I was in grade school, I've dreamed of a man wearing clothes like a real Royal Prince. He is so handsome with white complexion, absolutely adorable. In my dream, I commute going to school by riding the jeepney. So this Prince walked closer to the window of the jeepney, smiles and stares at me. He takes my hand then we shake hands. I couldn't help myself from giggling, unwittingly I was smiling while sleeping. My sister woke me up, she kept laughing and threw the pillow on my face. Then, during my college days, my mom went to church. After the mass, she was mesmerized by those fortune tellers outside the church who make predictions to their customer's palm. So my mom tried it and sees her luck. The fortune teller says, one of her children, with a crabby attitude, will have a long journey in the future. When she got home, she was excited to tell it to us, hoping the prediction will come true. Obviously, when I'm young I have the attitude. I got irritated easily for some reason. They pointed it out to me and teased me. I just laughed and ignored it, it was nonsense to me. Surprisingly, it all came true. Now, I am married to a Caucasian man and live 8,000 miles away from my homeland. It's like a magic, hard to explain and believe, but things are real. Though, it's not totally the same in my dream, but it was close, and you can see the connection from the past to my present life.
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