Two more months from now, it’s going to be spring season. It’s time for me to plant vegetables and enjoy watching the flowers that will blossom all over again. Then, summer season will come next and we will definitely visit a park or beach. During these seasons, I love to wear hat. It helps me protect my head from the heat. Aside from that I like to match it to my outfit so I look pretty cool. It’s fun though! Usually, I buy my little one a different style of hat so she’s groovy all the time. Anyway, I have a good friend who sews and sells fabulous hats. Actually, it’s her business while at home. She is very talented in sewing. She made a pretty bandana hat that fits for everyone. She even makes hats for construction and production workers. It’s awesome! You can visit and check her site to see the details at www.badasscaps.com.

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