Are you an avid golfer like me? I'm lucky I have a business, most of my clients love to play golf, I get alot of perks. One of them is golfing with me on business trips. I have played golf all over the US and abroad. The biggest problem I have is booking tee times at the last minute. It's such a pain to try and get on a course at the last minute.

Last month I received notice 3 days prior I was to travel to Horizon Myrtle Beach to meet with clients. I was excited because it is one of my favorite places to golf. I realized that I didn't have much time to book a course to play so I did a little research online. Much to my surprise I found a sweet operation at Myrtle Beach hotel. They had last minute online reservations 24/7. I was excited, they offer over 80 courses to choose from. Their unique web service let me browse Myrtle Beach best hotels area courses for last minute. I gave them the travel dates, area courses, and times. I received my confirmation by email the same day! With no membership fee, they are your fee free 48 hour tee time source! What a sweet deal! If your headed to Myrtle Beach and enjoy golfing as much as I do, check http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com/ you be pleased.
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