Guest post written by Kimmie Wickham

The only thing that I don't like about holiday crafts is that the reasonable thing to do is to take them down or get rid of them after that holiday season is through. But the thing about Christmas is that you can leave the crafts up for quite a while.

I was wanting to do some wintery craft that would last within reason even after Christmas. When I was looking online for the inspiration for the craft that I was going to make, I came across the website http://www.clearwirelessinternet.com/ and decided to change over my internet service to it after I read through all of it.

So I decided to make some snowflake garland to hang up for decoration. I strung them up from the window frames in my living room and they look really cool that way. I think that I'm going to leave them up until around Valentine's Day if they last that long. Maybe they'll make it all the way until then and then I could put them up again next year!
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