My husband has been getting ready to plant the garden. He has a variety of vegetable plants like onion, carrot, cabbage, egg plant, beans, tamato, cantaloupe, and cucumber. He has been preparing the garden spot in the backyard for tilling. By gardening, we hope to save some money on our grocery bill. In may, we will transfer the plants and my husband started from seed to the garden. Last year, we purchased plants from a local retailer and this year we grew our own. Growing our own plants saves alot of money but requires more time and patience. The best thing is we can eat fresh vegetables without the use of chemicals. Naturally grown cantaloupe is very tasty. Our daughter enjoys helping us, she is learning a valuable lesson in the process.

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  1. hi sis..ang dami mong tanim ^_^

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ay nauna na kami magtanim sa inyo oh diba para dina tau bibili pa ng veggie natin fresh pa hehe