Please join us for our
FREE Community Suppers
During these difficult economic times, everyone is invited to come and enjoy a home cooked meal FREE of charge!
Please feel free to come as a party of one or two or bring your family and friends.
Serving Dinner fron 5:00PM to 7:00PM
Thursday, December 13, 2012
Thursday, December 27, 2012
Thursday, January 3, 2013
Thursday, January 31, 2013
St. Ronald Catholic Church
17707 Fifteen Mile Rd
Clinton twp between Garfield & Kelly Rd
Cross Lutheran Church
35851 Utica rd
Clinton twp corner of Utica & Moravian Rd
Worship Joyfully, Act Compassionately, Love Deeply, Know Personally..in life, faith and ministry together.
Source: Compassion Pregnancy
Thank you Tyndale Blog Network for sending me a free copy of Grandma and Me: Rhyming Devotions for You and Your Grandchild book. My children love this book. I always read this every night when they go to bed. My little girl showed this to her grandma one time and they have a wonderful time together. It’s very educational to children. It’s good for home and school. I highly recommend this to all mother and teacher. You can get a copy at Amazon for affordable price. It has a 5 stars customer reviews. The author, Crystal Bowman, wrote almost 60 books for kids. You can go to her website and select more books.
I was happy when I received this free book from Tyndale House Publishers. I like to make review of their book because they have variety of love story books. One of it is the Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix. The story was so good that makes hard for me to put it down. When I started reading, I was so impressed how the author give justice to the characters. She's very talented. I really want to finish it right away. It's so funny because I don’t want anyone to disturb me. It's really a good reading material about mystery and romance. I even took this at my work and school so I can continue reading the story. The book has 384 pages with 4 average customer review stars from Amazon. If you want to get a copy just visit Amazon.com. It will cost you $10.39 to $12.99 depends on shipping location.

Marine Toys For Tots Foundation - Toys for kids
Adopt A Family - A family christmas program are available Sept 10th to Nov. 9th
Coats of Kids - Winter coats for adults and kids
American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes - deadline for sending cards Dec. 7th
Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Assistance  - Holiday assistance in MI
Sterling Heights Holiday Assistance Program  - for residents only, Oct 24 deadline for signing up
Homeless Services - Homeless person/s only living at Macomb county area
Connecting Citizens with Caring Resources:

Come and meet with organizations that can assist with
Homeless Prevention
Utility Arreatages
Mortgage Foreclosures
Emergency Shelter
Housing Programs
Youth and Student Services
Legal Services - Workshop Renters Rights
Adult Flu, Pneumonia, TDAP Shots
Children's vision screening and immunizations
Mock Job Interviews
Workshop for State of Michigan Employment
School Supplies
Winter Hats/Gloves

October 16, 2012
2 - 6PM
Macomb Intermediate School District Building (MISD), South Entrance
44001 Garfield Rd., Clinton twp. (South of Hall Rd.)

Free Immunizations, haircuts, face painting, Raffles, Prizes and Much More!!!

Email: familyconnection@macombhomelesscoalition.com
Fax: 586.285.0404
Phone: 586.285.0400

For more information, to volunteer, or to donate goods, visit Macombhomelesscoalition.

St. Mark Catholic Church
Gathering Space/Main Entrance
4401 Bart, Warren 48091
(1 block north of 9 Mile; 1 block east of Ryan)
Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Thursday, October 18, 2012, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Monday, October 22, 2012, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Thursday. October 25, 2012, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Who? What Area is Served?
and parts of Warren
Area NOT served:
Warren and Centerline: 8 Mile to 11 1/2 Mile and Mound east to Hayes
**Families who live in Center Line should call 586.772.1290
**Families who live from the east side of Mound Road to the west side of Hayes, and who live between 8 Mile Road to 11 1/2 Mile Road (Martin Rd) should call 586.772.1290
What Documentation to Bring?
Picture ID
Birth Certificates
Current Utility Bill
Medicaid Cards
Bridge Cards
or CALL 2.1.1 (800.552.1183)
Only Families with Children in Michigan
17 yrs and under are eligible to register
Sponsored by: The Good Shepherd Coalition
For Families Needing Thanksgiving and Christmas Help
Registration Requirements:
You must bring the following documentation to register for Holiday Assistance
  1. Proof of Residency - You must have Photo ID with current address and a current utility bill (sept or oct 2012)
  2. Proof of Income - You must have a current Bridge Card or provide proof of income from all applicable sources such as: current pay stub, unemployment statement, social security statement, ssi statement, child support statement
  3. Proof of Family Size - You must have birth certificate(s) for your child(ren) or you must have guardianship papers if you are not the parent
We service the following communities:
Shelby Township - 48315, 48316, 48318
Clinton Township - 48035, 48036, 48038
Utica - 48317
Sterling Heights - 48310, 48312, 48313, 48314
Fraser - Thanksgiving only, Goodfellows Christmas Provider
Harrison Township - 48045
Macomb Township - 48042, 48044
Mount Clemens - 48043
Saint Clair Shores - 48080, 48081, 48082
Registration Location:
Good Shepherd Coalition, 33222 Groesbeck, Fraser, MI 48026, 586-415-8100
(Located on the east side of Groesbeck, 4 buildings north of 14 Mile Rd.)
Dates & Times:
Mondays: October 1, 8, 15  (9:00AM - 2:00PM)
Wednesdays: October 10, 17 (3:00PM - 6:00PM)
There are no exceptions to the above. If you do not have the necessary documentation, we will not be able to assist you. In order that all needing help may receive holiday assistance, families cannot be registered with any other agencies/organizations for holiday assistance.
Good Shepherd participates with 211 and several cities and agencies in coordinating our sign up lists. PLEASE...only sign up with one (1) program. Those that have signed up for more than one program will be dropped from the Good Shepherd Holiday Program.
The Coalition is a group of Churches and agencies working together to assist those in need in Central Macomb County.

     It’s amazing to know how joining plastic has evolved, how traditional or conventional welding developed through the years.

     Plastic welding is a very common process for joining plastics. This process is similar to metal welding. In order to be able to do this process, one must take into consideration the kind of plastic to be used and its melting point. Thermoplastics are the plastics that can be welded; when heated to a high temperature, they will soften. Type of plastic can be determined by using burn test. How it burns will be observed like color of the flame and the smell of the smoke. Base material and welding rod are the plastic welding supplies needed. A thermoplastic welding rod is used to bind two pieces of plastic together. It has different varieties that match base materials. There are different plastic welding techniques such as ultrasonic welding, spin welding, hot gas welding, etc.

     Traditional sewing is being used for athletic shoe but process has been changed and now using ultrasonic welding. Traditional way was using fasteners like nails, screws and threads are used for binding materials such as wood, fabrics, metals and plastics. But process has been changed when ultrasonic welding was introduced and developed. It uses high-frequency sound waves and pressure to bond materials together and required less energy than conventional welding. As it develops, it became more sophisticated where computers can control the process. It has been applied to plastics since then has become more popular.

     Spin welding is a friction welding technique used on thermoplastic materials, in which the parts to be welded are heated by friction. One part is held stationary in a holding fixture while second part is rotated against it under pressure. This process causes the joining surfaces to melt and fuse together. This process has the ability to weld parts with circular joint that are not easily welded by ultrasonic and weld dissimilar materials. It is energy efficient and no consumables required. This can achieve excellent weld strengths and hermetic welds at a fast cycle rate. This process has been proven very successful.

     Harbor freight companies’ use these tools in fixing expensive plastic. There are different types of kits being used; some has adjustable temperatures, air motors and watt irons. Through these tools, a variety of welding jobs can be handled.


Mr Know it All
Well Ya think you know it all
But ya dont know a thing at all
Aint it something y'all

Mr Play your games
Only got yourself to blame
When you want me back again
But I aint galling back again
Cause Im living my truth without lies

For complete lyrics visit http://www.lyrics.com/mr-know-it-all-lyrics-kelly-clarkson.html


I could be mean
I could be angry
You know I could be just like you

I could be fake
I could be stupid
You know I could be just like you

I could be cold
I could be ruthless
You know I could be just like you

Complete Lyrics here http://www.lyrics.com/just-like-you-lyrics-three-days-grace.html
Posted by Arden Wallace

I really need to find out more about who provides new york T1 services. I just have not had the time recently to look up lots of those simple things. People always say the devil is in the details and that is definitely true here. I have been so swamped trying to keep up with paperwork from orders of our line of products that I just have not gotten to things like Internet and bandwidth needs. I can hardly even think about those details now, which really will turn out to be the core of the new office we open for our business. I will be so excited when we finally do open the office. I have gotten so tired of just working with other people through email. I am ready to have us all in one place so that the only people we have to call and email are the customers. It will definitely make it easier for us to function and to function well. We will get to collaborate a lot more and just forget about Internet providers other than the bill we pay every so often.

Womanpurses is a non profit organization who give away second hand handbags to women who was suffering from abused, disease, elderly, homeless, single mom, and student.
If you have handbags/purses that you no longer use, please donate it and help us help needy women. Contact us at womanpurses2012@yahoo.com.
Thank you and bless your heart!
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This is one of my favorite true to life story book. It's about Irene Watson's roller coaster life where she manage to handle her life ups and down. I certainly admire her for keeping her strength from battling her dark past and offer forgiveness. Honestly, I can see myself to her, we both experienced abuse in our life but in different ways. There's a similarity when it comes to dealing with people we trust most, yet they are the one who badly mistreated us. Anyway, Irene Watson's is a very succesful woman and famous author. She did a lot of accomplishment in her career. I wish someday I can write a book like this and share the whole world my roller coaster life. You can get a copy at Barnes and Noble, scroll down to read the overview.


Named for a childhood swing the author remembers as being impossible to get moving because of the rose bushes directly behind it, Watson's memoir recounts her fearful, highly sheltered years growing up an only child to Ukrainian immigrants in 1940s Alberta, Canada. Watson writes from the hindsight of her 50s, living in a Quebec addiction-recovery facility, where she has checked herself in for 28 days, unsure whether she can stay married to a husband she considers as overbearing as her mother was to her. Gradually, Watson uncovers the childhood wounds leading to her personality crisis: until age six, she lived in a log cabin in the wilderness within a few feet of her prohibitive mother, who pined for her dead firstborn son. Watson was largely ignored by her farmer father, abused by cousins and neighbors, and unable at first to speak English at her schoolhouse or make friends. Denied expression and love within the family, she acted out and married a man who helped continue to make excuses for her lack of ambition. She undergoes a rigorous 12-step program and a systematic breaking down of her ego so that she can re-create herself. This is an earnest memoir, well structured, though the writing lacks rigorous urgency.

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Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

Lately I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal so that I can keep track of all of the good things that happen to me. I reunited with a bunch of my friends from college a few months ago and one of them said her and her husband started that habit when they found themselves becoming more and more negative each day. I think that sometimes it gets so easy to focus on the negative, and keeping a journal about everything I am grateful for helps me keep things in perspective too. It was a great recommendation from a good friend. Every night before I go to sleep I try to jot something down, no matter how insignificant it seems. My entries have ranged from something as small as being grateful for my friend recommending I go to Clear-Internet.com to get a mobile 4G internet connection, to something as meaningful as being grateful that all four of my grandparents are still alive and healthy. The best part of keeping the journal is looking back and laughing and reminiscing about my entries. Sometimes when I look back on the days when I struggled I laugh at how unimportant those shortcomings seem now.

This is a good one! Anyway, I got this book for free from Tyndale House Publishers. This book has a different real life stories or scenario along with few questions about you as a father. Obviously, this book is for all the father in the world that want to be part of their child's life. It's not too late to try to get in touch with your child. Now is the right time and this book will guide you on how to do it. If your interested and want to change things in your family especially your child, go ahead and get a copy at Barnes and Noble.

Better relationship with your kids?
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What's keeping you from a better bond with your child? It's not that you don't want to spend more time together, have more fun, and pass along more God-honoring values.
But life gets in the way, and before you know it you're waving good-bye to a son or daughter and wishing you could try that fathering thing again.
Here at last is a book that understands. The 21-Day Dad's Challenging features a simple, practical tip for each day of the next three weeks-along with a quick, easy way to try it out. Not enough to weigh you down; just enough to make a difference.
No matter what your child's age, make each day count with in-person loving, coaching, and modeling-starting with the next 21!