America's Greatest Hot Rod Show in Detroit on February 26-28, 2010 at COBO Hall for more photos and details visit Autorama.

Here are the photos of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, the world's biggest quakes since 1900, around 3:34am today February 27. Right now, 214 were reportedly dead and triggering tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific basin.

If you're looking for your love ones, visit CNNireport

For more photos visit thebigpictureEarthQuakeinChile


Saint of the week:

This weeks Saint of the week will appear in three parts to honor the extraordinary life of St. Patrick. As Catholics we should use his example to inspire us in our daily lives.

It's wonderful that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in so many places. However, did you know that St. Patrick was not born in Ireland? He was born in Briton. His parents were Roman Overseers in Scotland. His first trip to Ireland was not pleasant. He was abducted from his home in Briton by raiders. He was taken to Ireland to be a slave. His duties were difficult as was the lot of all slaves. He was made to tend and herd flocks of sheep. He was a saintly young man, and found strength of faith by praying everyday. He received a vision from God which showed him how to escape his captors. He was reunited with his family in Briton.

This week say a Rosary in his honor as we approach March 17th
When I was in my college days, I remember how careless I was when it came to my computer subjects. I hated all the programming and doing the animation work in the Microsoft PowerPoint. There’s a never ending computation using Microsoft Excel. The commands in Microsoft word made me crazy. That’s not all; I had a hard time figuring out how to use the internet. All this stuff drained my brain so bad. It was so difficult when it came to the exam, I didn’t pass. I was devastated!

Amazingly though, I never thought that I would use these skills in the future. Right now, I am an entrepreneur woman. I have a small clothing line and my business is doing very well. I did a good job in promotion, advertising and in pricing. My business is able to compete well with competitors. However, here in the United States, it’s necessary to have a website when you have a business. Most of Americans, will shop online because of their hectic schedules and it’s very convenient for them. I thank my computer professor for draining my brain, because now I am computer literate. I know all about the internet; like email host. I don’t need to hire someone to work for me. I do it myself and use my knowledge and wisdom to expand, promote and improve my business online.

Saint of the week:

The Blessed Mother holds a special place in the hearts of Catholics. She is venerated as Mother of God and Mother of the Church. This week we honor her apparitions and the miracles at Lourdes.

Our Lady of Lourdes - February 11th

A beautiful Lady appeared to St. Bernadette Soubirous near Lourdes, France, in1858. She appeared 18 times from February 11 to July 16. During the first few apparitions she smiled and bowed to Bernadette, who prayed the Rosary and sprinkled holy water. St. Bernadette was 14 years old and did not know who this was. The Lady told her "I do not promise to make you happy in this world but in the next". Bernadette was instructed to drink the water from the spring but there was no spring. She had to scratch the ground and then it appeared. The waters of the spring have been attributed miraculous healing powers. The first miraculous cure occurred during the 12th apparition on March 1st. She finally identified herself to Bernadette as, "The Immaculate Conception". St. Bernadette did not know what that meant, but it confirmed the dogma established four years earlier by the Pope. The Shrine and miraculous healing waters honor, "The Immaculate Conception of Mary". Lourdes is a popular Marian Shrine and attracts millions of visitors each year.

This week pray a Rosary in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Here's the information about Health Care, Housing, Shelter, Tax, Rx Help, Dental, Free meals, Warming Center Schedule, Resources Phone List, Transportation Resources, Car Purchase and Repair, Property Tax, Tax Assistance Locations, Adult Education, Support Groups, DHS Phone Directory, Parenting Classes Calendar, Home based Parenting Programs, and a lot more. Visit this site for more details Macombresources .

Click on the list below to view or save and print it. CALL 211 FOR ANY HEALTH OR HUMAN SERVICE NEED.
Super Bowl XLIV Weekend at Miami, want to see more photos visit OMG.

Angelina Jolie, Maddox and Brad Pitt
Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore
Tom Cruise, katie Holmes, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz

Marc Anthony and wife Jennifer Lopez


Quentin Tarantino celebrates the success of "Inglourious Basterds" with some of his famous celebrity friends. If you want to see more photos visit this OMG.


Winona Ryder

Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman
Just for a laugh...Cats are better than kids because they:

1. Eat less.
2. Don't ask for money all the time.
3. Are easier to train.
4. Normally come when called.
5. Never ask to drive the car, they don't wreck the car and they don't raise your auto insurance rates.
6. Don't hang out with drug-using friends.
7. Don't smoke or drink.
8. Don't have to buy the latest fads.
9. Don't want to wear your clothes.
10. Don't need a 'gazillion' dollars for college.
11. Don't mind a bit when you pass gas.
12. Don't roll their eyes and say "oh Pleeeese".
13. Don't play weird music at top volume.
14. Don't have to get a baby sitter when you go out.
15. They do not answer back.
16. They listen no matter what you say!
17. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for Christmas and birthdays.

Last summer my friend Regina offered me her piano so my daughter could use it. She was no longer using it and was stored in her basement for a long time. The Piano has a lot of features and is fancy looking. She also took the time to teach my daughter the basic lessons for free during her off time from school. I was overwhelmed how she likes and loves my daughter; she’s a very good friend. Now, I have noticed my daughter has figured out how to play the piano by herself. She’s actually a very fast learner. I was amazed one day she played an alphabet song on her own. She’s so smart, I am really proud of her.

It’s a great idea if you can find ways to help your children to become involved in music. Let your children enhance their skills in music. Encourage and motivate them to pursue their dreams and interests. You’ll never know your child will be very successful in music industry someday. Even parents like us; we can be a good Pianist too. If this is your dream and want to be a Pianist then go for it. I believe if you really want something there’s always a way to make it happen. I think this is the perfect time for you to learn. The Yokewong site is offering Piano lessons on DVD, Piano Sheet Music, and Piano Lessons Online. Its hassle free and it’s very easy.
The receptive, gentle, and compassionate Goat (sometimes called Sheep) is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. These quiet and sometimes shy people have enormous compassion, an artistic eye, and emotions close to the surface. They often feel especially close to their families.

Money somehow comes to the Goat. Often other people give it to them. As artists, they can have patrons. A Goat is a great guest and someone powerful people enjoy having around. Goats enjoy nice things and are not opposed to treating themselves.

This is not a person who likes confrontation. A Goat would rather have someone else take the lead and make a decision. Of course, you might hear about it if your decisions do not work out to Goat's comfort.

It is a good thing that Goat is naturally lucky because of their peaceful nature and kind heart. Romantic Goats need a partner who is willing to listen and has patience with mood swings indirect answers, and occasional self-pity. Goat needs loyal friends who are steady and reliable. Goat people are well worth all the time and attention. With love, approval, and admiration, a Goat can blossom in any direction their creative talent takes them.
Creative, artistic, cultured, kind, gentle, intelligent, sensitive.
Indecisive, self-indulgent, dependent, insecure, ungrateful, wise.
Famous Goats:
Pamela Anderson, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Christopher Walken.

Elements:02/13/1907 to 02/01/1908 - FIRE
02/01/1919 to 02/19/1920 - EARTH
02/17/1931 to 02/05/1932 - METAL
02/05/1943 to 01/24/1944 - WATER
01/24/1955 to 02/11/1956 - WOOD
02/09/1967 to 01/29/1968 - FIRE
01/28/1979 to 02/15/1980 - EARTH
02/15/1991 to 02/03/1992 - METAL
02/01/2003 to 01/21/2004 - WATER
02/19/2015 to 02/07/2016 - WOOD

Take a look at the Chinese Calendar
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

-Henry Van Dyke
Over 40 agencies will help you, if you're a Macomb County family and residents who are homeless or At-Risk due to job loss, foreclosure, or hardship are invited. Meet and talk with the people and organization that can assist individuals and families with the following:

-emergency shelter
-housing options
-job searches
-financial assistance
-health screenings
-children's services
-legal services
-social security assistance

all services and help are Free!

Lunch is served to all attendees, haircuts, raffles, prizes and much more.

For more information, to voluteer or to donate goods, visit macombhomelesscoalition , 586-755-4129
Robert H. Cox Unit 129 , 47326 Dequindre, Utica, MI 48317
Free Clothing Swap , Feb 17, 2009, 11 AM – 7 PM
Contact person: Charly Mathews , 586-254-7417


This is a totally FREE event, with NO obligation to bring anything or take anything. It's called a "swap" because so many people bring clothes they no longer need, and take what they DO want.


At home, sort and fold CLEAN clothes (clothes you wouldn't mind putting on your family to go out in public) by size into boxes or bags. THEN, when you get to the swap, sort the clothes by size onto marked tables. Next comes the fun part. Go to the tables with the size clothes you are looking for, and take what you need. Free of charge. No strings attached. There are no minimums or maximums.

Some families are looking to clean out the clothes they no longer use, and they bring boxes of clothes in, sometimes leaving with just one or two "special" things. Other families are really in need of clothes, and come with little or nothing, but leave with bags of clothes. Others bring what they took last season, for another family to take this time, and bring home another season's worth themselves to start the process again.
The Organization will provide the bags for that day. One bag per family! This is the only way to keep the swap fair. We will have extra bags that we will provide for a $1.00 donation per adult.

THIS IS FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY ... NO charities, shelters, or resale.


Look for clothes you might like to bring. Wash, fold, and sort them by size. Then call all your friends and family and ask them to do the same ... and come alone or as a group to the swap! Clothes swapping are even more fun when you can share your great finds with friends.


All sizes of baby, kids, and adult clothing (including coats, shoes, and accessories). VERY lightly stained clothes are OK as some people don't mind these for work or play, or are talented at removing stains. However, all clothing MUST BE CLEAN. Fabric and baby accessories are welcome.


Tuesday, Feb 17, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Monday, Feb 1st, 10-2pm
Wednesday, 3rd, 10-2pm
Thursday, 4th, 6-8pm
Saturday, 6th, 10-2pm
Sunday, 7th, 4-8pm
Thursday, 11th, 6-8pm
Monday, 15th, 4-8pm
Tuesday, 2-7pm
We need volunteers for these days to help sort the clothing. Also, plus being a volunteer will get you first picks with a minimum of 2 hrs volunteering commitment.
For safety reasons. All children must be supervised.
Questions? Please respond to the address: frugalnanax3@yahoo.com
Swap Schedule for upcoming year:
Drop off Dates :
May 18, 2010
August 17, 2010
November 16, 2010
Event Dates:
May 19, 2010
August 18, 2010
November 17, 2010
Charly Mathews
Proud Grandma to Alan, Desiree & Brianna
USAF Gulf War Veteran
Saint of the week:

A Saint is often an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life of virtue and faith. As Catholics we should use these exemplars to inspire us in our daily lives.

St. Colette (1381-1447)

It seems the world becomes more interesting and challenging from time to time. During these times we must depend on our faith. St. Colette lived in such a time, the time of the Great Western Schism. She was born in Corbie, which is north of Paris near the city of Amiens. Her father was a carpenter for the Benedictine Abbey of Corbie; her mother was Marguerite Moyon. She was orphaned as a young teen and entered the Bequines, a semi monastic community. She would live as a Benedictine and a Poor Clare and even lived for a time as a hermit. During this time 3 men claimed to be Pope. One of them, Benedict XIII (Pedro de Luna) empowered St. Colette to reform the Poor Clares. She began her work in Geneva and before she completed her task, she had founded 17 convents and had started a reform among branches of the Franciscan Friars (the Coletani). She emphasized a return to the Primitive Rule of St. Clare. The practice was austere and included poverty, perpetual fast, abstinence and walking barefoot. She exhibited prophecy, the gift of miracles and mystical experiences. She was Canonized by Pope Pius VII. The Colettine's still exist and practice the Rule today.

This week pray a Rosary in her honor, her feast day is February 6th.
There are several ways to reach emergency food providers throughout Michigan Please select a method below:

•Receive emergency food assistance, call 211 or go to uw211southcentr almi
•Locate a pantry in your area, visit pantrynet
•Contact the State of Michigan's Food Assistance Program hotline at 1-800-481-4989.
•Locate a Food Bank in Michigan, visit fbcmich
•Locate Michigan statewide food providers, visit fbcmich
•For emergency food assistance in Livingston County, go to Shared Harvest Pantry.
•For emergency food assistance downriver, visit downriverfishandloaves.org
Saint of the week:

A Saint is often an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life of virtue and faith. As Catholics we should use these exemplars to inspire us in our daily lives.

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

St. Thomas Aquinas was born in the castle of Roccasecca in the Kingdom of Sicily. His father was Count Landulf and his mother Countess of Theate. She was related to the Holy Roman emperors. His education began at the Benedictine Monastery in Monte Cassino. He world move on to attend university in Naples. There he studied under the influence of John of St. Julian, a Dominican teacher and preacher. Innovation was important at this time and he was introduced to the study of Aristotle and other philosophers. He was inspired to join the Dominicans so he could commit his life to study and teaching. He studied in Paris and Cologne where he studied with St Albert the Great. Here he was prepared to teach scripture. He was licensed to teach in 1256 and was made Professor of Theology the next year. St Thomas wrote extensively on Christian Doctrine, Philosophy, The Bible and Aristotle. His most famous works are Summa Contra Gentiles and Summa Theologica. The Summa Theologica is noted for its systematic approach, clarity and intellectual depth. He also wrote about the importance of dreams and angels. He ordered the angels into a hierarchy and described them as incorporeal intellectual beings. St Thomas is a Doctor of the Church, the preeminent Catholic spokesman and also known as Doctor Angelicus.

1)Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

* Area Agency on Aging 800-852-7795, 800-803-7174
*Macomb Co Dept of Senior Services 586-469-6313

Recipients of Medicare from Social Security can enroll Medicare Part D (Prescription Benefit) which began January 1, 2006. Low income persons below 150% of poverty (currently $1197 per month income for one, $1604 for two) can receive "extra help" from Social Security (800-772-1213), at reduced or no premium. For advice about which provider to choose call the Area Agency on Aging's Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (800-469-6313) or Social Security (1-800-MEDICARE 800-633-4227), or see medicare .

2) World Medical Relief , 313-866-5333

* info@worldmedicalrelief.org
* worldmedicalrelief

For persons in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties age 18 and older who do not have prescription drug coverage and monthly income is $1583 per month (single) or $2583 (couple), add $25 per dependent, and not currently enrolled in Medicaid. Prescriptions are mailed to your home. There is an $8.30 co-pay per Rx. Call for application and information.

3) VA Benefits, 800-511-8056

Prescription are available for low income veterans at no charge. If income is over $9894 (single) or $12959 (couple) there is a charge of $7 per script.

4) Prescription Resource Network

*586-263-2110,ages 19-59
*586-469-6316, ages 60+

Helps low income Macomb residents without prescription coverage to apply and reapply for free prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies. There is a fee of $25 per year. Income requirements of the pharmaceutical companies vary.


*Any Wal-Mart or Sam's or Target Pharmacy

Will provide up to a 30 day supply of generic drugs on the current list of covered drugs for $4 per prescriptions fill or refill. It must be picked up in person. The current list is online at Wal-Mart .


*Free antibiotics
*Any of the 176 Meijer Pharmacies
* Meijer

Will fill free any prescription for prenatal vitamins and/or for 7 oral generic antibiotics (commonly prescribed for children): Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, SMZ-TMP, Ciprofloxacin, Ampicillin, Penicillin VK, & Erythromycin. They will bill your insurance, but there is no co-pay, and if you have no insurance, the Rx is free.


*Any KMART Pharmacy 800-769-3880

Will provide a 90 day supply of generic drugs for $15. Their formulary is online at Kmart .

8)Rx Outreach

*rxoutreach , 800-769-3880

Provides a 90 day supply of 125 medicines for $20, $30, or $40. Often prescription drugs not available in other programs are included here.

helping patients

all provide info about free prescription programs for low income persons from pharmaceutical companies. These sites will assist with the applications for a free.

themedicineprogram , $5 each, 573-996-7300
prescriptionrelief, $8 each, 1-866-Drug-686
EveryonesRx , $7 each (max $40), 972-287-8889
pprarx, free, 888-4PPA-NOW

9) Medical Outreach Clinic

*free clinic

Provides free medical care and medecations to low income (185% poverty) uninsured persons at St. Maximillian's (23 & north 598-3314) 8:45-12:00, 1st Mondays at Clinton Community Health, 792-8846, 8:45-12:00 on some other Mondays, Mt. Clemens Community Health Outreach Program, 8:45-12:00 on overy tues & thurs.

Call 211 for any medical or human service need