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It's time for tennis season again, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been following the professionals all year long, and watching so many exciting matches that I was more ready than ever before to get back on the court. Though I normally play on indoor courts during the winter, they're never quite as enjoyable as the fresh outdoor courts at the park near my home.

Last weekend, it was almost warm enough to play, so I decided to head out and brave the chilly air. I packed my tennis bag with my racket, balls, and water, set my Besthomesecurity home security alarm, and drove to the park. I found that several other people must have been waiting just like I had, because the backboards were all full. I decided to take a walk around the park first to stretch out, and when I returned, there was finally a backboard open.

I was happy to find out that my practice during the winter had paid off, as I wasn't nearly as rusty as I sometimes am during the first spring session. I spent nearly two hours on the backboards, and had a really good workout doing so. When I returned home, I decided to leave my equipment in the car, because I knew I would be heading back to the park as soon as possible again.

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This is my daughter's halloween art work, its a ghost, oh its "Casper" according to her, made of hard carbon paper and her hand print. She's so proud of it and want me to take her picture, Im so glad that she love art, so there you go. Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm a ghost to scare you!
From Halloween town
I've come this night.
All dressed up in orange and white.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m so thankful that Sony released PlayStation Move because I and my family got to enjoy playing it especially during rest days and weekends. Instead of us going out with friends, we invite them to our home to play; we spend great time together playing this because aside from us enjoying the game, we also get a chance to exercise. It gives fun and healthy living.

One weekend, I and my husband played Time Crisis, which is one of my husband’s favorite arcade games. I had a great time unloading heavy firepower at anything and everything I aim by pointing the Move, shooting by pulling the trigger, and reloading behind by pressing and holding the Move button. I really enjoyed the accuracy and precision and also the responsiveness of the PlayStation Move controls. I’m excited to play more games using these controls.

First time I have heard about this, I thought of swapping our PlayStation 3 to get PlayStation Move. I have visited http://www.playstationmove.com to get more information and good thing, Move works with PlayStation 3 system. Good news as well that there’s Move bundle package for only $99.99. This bundle package is available in Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, etc.

PlayStation Move gives an indescribable experience with motion gaming. I have recommended this to my families and friends. This doesn’t just put smile on one’s face but also in one’s heart.

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Vintage Kodak Kodamatic 930 Instant Film Camera.
Comes with the ORIGINAL manual.

This operated just like a Polaroid....in that you got your printed picture right there on the spot.

Kodak wanted to get into the Instant Film market to compete with Polaroid. Uh Oh...Polaroid's got a serious case of the red butt. Polaroid hired 84,000 lawyers and sued the daylights out of Kodak. Kodak ran for the hills like a wounded banshee rooster. Naturally, Polaroid won the case. Kodak was ordered to buy back all the Instant Cameras they had sold, or, give the consumer credit towards a new Kodak camera of a different type. They had to pull all of these off the shelves. Kodak took a MAJOR hit on this! The VAST majority of these Kodak Instant Cameras are permanent residents at local dumps across the country. There just aren't that many still around. People threw them away right & left...because....you CANNOT get film for them. It doesn't exist. Polaroid film will not work in these. We're talking EXTREME collector's items. It is 20-30 years old and you've got a little goldmine. Nice condition for it's age. No bad damage! It's missing one of the face labels. Yes, it takes batteries, but why mention it when you'll never be taking any pictures with it. 6 1/2" X 6 1/2"

This Camera is for sale
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Authentic camera, for collection only
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This is an original CIRCA 1978 - 1980
KODAK INSTANT CAMERA Model Colorburst 300
Made in USA

Comes with built in Flash
This was released before Polaroid won a court case, ceasing Kodak production of Instant cameras and offering a 'buy back' program, making these more difficult to find.
Takes a J battery and 4 x AAA for the Flash (Not Included)
Takes PR 10 Film (Not Included)
This Camera is for sale
Price: $200.00 USD (negotiable)
Mode of Payment: Paypal
Authentic camera, for collection only
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The Grove Sun Newspaper
Grove, Delaware County, Oklahoma
Thursday, July10, 1958, 10 pages
This newspaper is For Sale
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