I just got home from the Dollar store, I strolled around there and look for some ideas and products to be use for my little princess upcoming birthday this month of December. Then, I started cooking our dinner and cleaned up while waiting for my hubby. I decided to blog hopping and visit my friends. Then, there's a blog that caught my attention. The blog owned by my fellow filipina, a Pinaymama's Diary. It's a nice blog filled of information. You can read all her interesting thoughts and experiences. I added her and want to be her friend. She invited me to join in her contest and it looks interesting, so I did. She's celebrating her one year anniversary in the blogging world. I love it! So, I am inviting you guys to join in Pinaymama's Diary One Year Blogversary. This is a good contest for all the bloggers all over the world. By joining this, it will help you increase your traffic and rank at the same time you can able to chat some of the bloggers worldwide. It has a lot of interesting prizes. Perhaps this will be your lucky moment so I inviting you all to drop by and join. For more details visit http://gardenofmoments.com. See yah there!




Today, at lunch time I’ve received a phone call from Nino Salvaggio’s Market. The lady informed me that my little one won 3rd prize in the coloring contest. I was stunned, at that moment felt like I won the lottery. Although, the prize was just a pumpkin, the worth of it was meaningful to me. It was a good achievement for her at her young age. I didn’t expect this nor thought she will win or not. It’s good enough that my little one participated in that kind of contest. Though its fun, I am very thankful for this opportunity for her. However, after I hung up the phone, I hugged my princess tightly and give her a bunch of smooches all over her face. We danced, shook our booty’s and turned around. It’s really fun, it was a good feeling. Afterwards, I called up my hubby to inform him about it. He was surprise and happy to hear it. He didn’t expect it either. He told me when he got home we will go by to the market and get the prize, so we did. We went to the market and get her prize, a huge pumpkin. When we got there, we saw some of the kids picking up their winning pumpkin. You can see the happiness in their faces. My daughter doesn’t understand what’s going on. She doesn’t even know that she won. She just liked the pumpkin, played and climbed on it. Anyway, I want to congratulate my little one for winning this contest. You did a pretty good job little girl! Mommy and Daddy are proud of you! We love you! Also, I want to thank my mother in law. She’s the reason behind all this without her this memorable event for my little one wouldn’t be possible. So, thanks Mom!

The Filipino American Community in Southfield, Michigan conducted a Halloween Party. The children were dressed up in their Halloween costumes as well as the adults. We were invited to come over by my friend Elizabeth. She brought her two sons, Kyle and Eric, who wore a fabulous manly costume. Kyle’s attire was Dracula and Eric was Iron man. Their attire was so powerful. So, I wanted my little one to enjoy the night with them and be fabulous with her costume too. I let her wear the pink Tinkerbelle with mini skirt and wings. She was full of happiness, She kept saying “Thank you, Mommy & Daddy!” She covered her mouth then started giggling and kept turning around like a Princess. She’s funny because I saw her shaking her booty. Oh, she’s a adorable little girl. In the party, the children lined up to ramp one by one on the stage and showed their beautiful costumes. My little one did a pretty good job. She followed the instructions and ramped perfectly. This was her first time to participate in this kind of party. It’s really amazing, she looked stunning. I am very happy for her. I am a proud Mommy!

This week, I solemnly prayed a Rosary for my brother’s death. Since I’m far away from his grave, I offered prayers for his soul and eternal life in heaven. It’s our Filipino tradition to show reverence for our love ones who passed away, so that’s what I did. All the memories I had with him flash backed in my mind. During our childhood days, we had good and bad times. We frequently had fights that deep in our hearts made us closer as siblings. I am reminded of his bravery to fight every time I was in trouble at school. He had a strong personality in life. He was adventurous, optimistic, achiever, witty and had a strong will. When I think of him, he makes me cry. I am still in pain and broken hearted. The worst thing that happened in my life was losing him. It hurts so badly. He was my brother that left a deep message in my heart. I really miss him!

Today is our wedding anniversary. I woke up early this morning around 4:30am to prepare my hubby’s breakfast. It’s time for him to go work. I saw a banner hanging in our kitchen saying “Happy Anniversary, Honey!” I was touched and felt like I’m the luckiest wife in the whole world for having a sweet husband. He is loving person and kept expresses his feelings towards me. He gave me a warm kiss and hugs every morning which is good refreshment. I like that personality of him. Anyway, I bought him a present at Burlington Mall. I’m having a hard time to choose what will be a good present for my sweet hubby. After long hours of strolling and starring at the men’s items, I finally found a gift that best suits for him and he will like it for sure. Then, I went straight to Kroger’s to buy an anniversary cake. There’s a green little couple on the top of the cake that looks adorable, which reminds me of Mister and Misses Shrek, the fantasy movie. I like the pink heart icing that surrounds the couple, it’s awesome. The simple combination of white and pink all over the cake makes it more attractive to me. In the afternoon, I was so excited to see my hubby. I wanted to surprise him with the present. When I heard the doorbell, my little one ran fast going to the door to see him. Then, she hurriedly hid at the back of the couch to play peek- a-boo with her dad. It’s her usual routine every time her dad comes home. They play in a minute and talk. My little one was so excited to show the gift, she even revealed what’s inside of it. It’s so funny, I am the one who was surprised. I told her not to tell it, but she was so excited. My hubby was laughing because he found out the gift so fast and I was having a little argument with my princess at that moment. Then, we went out to celebrate our anniversary at Andiamo’s Restaurant located at 9 Mile and Jefferson with my little one. It‘s an Italian restaurant. It has a wonderful view of the lake. I could see the boats all over. It’s a romantic and quiet place. I would recommend this to all couples who celebrate their anniversary or whatever occasions they have, especially Michigan residents because they have 9 branches all over the state. It’s overwhelming, we made it through the first year of our marriage. After the trials we’ve encountered in the past, I’m glad it turned out well. I thank God for letting us make this celebration happen. We are blest.

We visited my mother in law and her cute dog name Ginger last Friday. We had a good conversation about politics, food and even Hollywood celebrities. She told us that she get my little one a picture of a pumpkin from the Nino Salvaggio’s market for her to join in a coloring contest. Then, when we got home I put all the crayons and pumpkin picture in the table. I let my princess put different colors on it. She had so much fun and kept showing it to her dad. My cheerful princess is proud of her work. Yesterday, we dropped by in the market to buy fruits and veggies. After we checked out, my little one passed her work at the courtesy desk. Her work is displayed on the wall together with other pictures. As a mom, I am very excited because my little one is growing up. Her progress will be my satisfaction and happiness. I can’t explain the feeling that I had yesterday, but I am so proud of her. It doesn’t matter whether she wins or not. What matters most is her ability to participate, learn and grow at her age. It is definitely priceless and fulfilling. Anyway, the above photo was just a draft. The original entry was submitted. Here’s the mechanism of the contest:

Nino Salvaggio, International Market

All pictures must be returned in by Wednesday, October 22, 2008.
Prizes will be awarded to six age’s groups:

1-2 years old
3-4 years old
5-6 years old
7-8 years old
9-10 years old
11-12 years old

Each age group will be awarded three prizes:
1st prize - $30 Toy’s R Us gift certificate
2nd Prize - $20 Toy’s R Us gift certificate
3rd prize - 5 children will be awarded a pumpkin of their choice

The winners will be chosen by Nino Salvaggio Management Staff and will be notified between the 27th and 29th of October.

I am angry to myself for being so stupid. I lost my things and it bothers me a lot. Last month of July, I sent a letter with some original documents and mailed it to my mother. I should have sent it registered mail so I could have tracked it, but I did not. Supposedly, the delivery will take about one or two weeks, but some cases it takes a month. I thought my mom receive it already so I asked her about it. I was surprise at the end of August the letter didn’t arrive yet. Then, I asked my mom if she can go and check it in the Post Office in her City maybe the mail was there. She did and nothing was there. The Post Office staff say there’s no delivery under my name. We thought perhaps we need to wait a little more time. Then, the month of September has passed and it’s now second week of October. I contacted my mom and asked about it again. Unbelievably, it didn’t arrive yet. So I asked my brother to go and visit the Post Office in the Manila and check it again perhaps it’s already there. He informed me that there’s no delivery under my name. It’s going on three months now. It was unbelievable! How it happen? What’s going on? It has been a long time now and my letter has not yet arrived. Then, my hubby and I went to the Post Office near my place and inquired about it. The lady said she can’t trace the mail if it’s not registered mail. There’s no way to track it. My hubby blames me for doing it. He doesn’t agree to send it from the beginning, but I’m stubborn. Now, I made a mistake. How can I get it back? I thought if it’s lost I might receive it because there’s a return address. I am afraid that somebody will get it and use it. I hope it doesn’t happen. I remembered first week of October, I sent mail to my friend in Japan. She informed me that she received it already. I’m glad about it and surprised the delivery took only one week. The Japan country isn’t a far away neighbor of the Philippines. Then, I don’t understand why my other mail until now still missing. I don’t know what to do? I’m out of ways to track it. I’m very sad about it.
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My hubby was scheduled for a check up today at the Cardiovascular clinic located at 16 Mile and Schoenherr. I’ve noticed inside the clinic there’s an old machine in the corner of the wall. It caught my attention because it’s antique. I walked closer to that machine and read the description. I was surprise that it’s the original electrocardiogram that was used way back 19th century. There’s a photo above it that hangs on the wall. A man sitting and facing the machine, it was Willem Einthoven, he was a Dutch doctor and physiologist. He invented the first electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) in 1903 and received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924 for it. It’s amazing, I didn’t know that. This man was a genius and gifted. He helped medical profession worldwide to determine the heart condition of a person. I can’t believe that I saw and touched the machine that he invented. I must be lucky! Now I am interested in knowing about this man and his invention so I did a researched on him.


Born : May 21, 1860, Semarang
Died : September 29, 1927, Leiden, Netherlands
Nationality : Netherlands
Fields : Physiology
Known for Electrocardiogram

"An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG, abbreviated from the German Elektrokardiogramm) is a noninvasive transthoracic graphic produced by an electrocardiograph, which records the
electrical activity of the heart over time. Its name is made of different parts: electro, because it is related to electrical activity, cardio, Greek for heart, gram, a Greek root meaning "to write". In the US, the abbreviation "EKG" is often preferred over "ECG", while "ECG" is used universally in the UK and many other countries. It is preferred as "EKG" in the US because doctor's handwriting of "ECG" can often be confused as "EEG" when transcribing orders or with echocardiography which is also abbreviated "ECG"."

“Before Einthoven's time, it was known that the beating of the heart produced electrical currents, but the instruments of the time could not accurately measure this phenomenon without placing electrodes directly on the heart. Beginning in 1901, Einthoven completed a series of prototypes of a
string galvanometer. This device used a very thin filament of conductive wire passing between very strong electromagnets. When a current passed through the filament, the electromagnetic field would cause the string to move. A light shining on the string would cast a shadow on a moving roll of photographic paper, thus forming a continuous curve showing the movement of the string. The original machine required water cooling for the powerful electromagnets, required 5 people to operate it and weighed some 600 lbs. This device increased the sensitivity of the standard galvanometer so that the electrical activity of the heart could be measured despite the insulation of flesh and bones. An early ECG device, although later technological advances brought about better and more portable EKG devices, much of the terminology used in describing an EKG originated with Einthoven. His assignment of the letters P, Q, R, S and T to the various deflections is still used. The term "Einthoven's triangle" is named for him. It refers to the imaginary inverted equilateral triangle centered on the chest and the points being the standard leads on the arms and leg. After his development of the string galvanometer, Einthoven went on to describe the electrocardiographic features of a number of cardiovascular disorders. Later in life, Einthoven turned his attention to the study of acoustics.”


Today, we went out to shop and stroll at Meijer Mall at 13 Mile, Roseville. We bought some groceries and the pumpkin. We put pumpkin decoration in our glass window so people who pass by our house will see it. My hubby made a scary pumpkin for display in the living room. I helped him to put away the seeds. We can cook them to eat later. We will keep some so we can start planting it inside the house come spring. We are going to buy planting pots so it will be ready for next year. Every night we’re going to put a candle inside the pumpkin to make it really scary. My little one likes it though she doesn’t appreciate yet the real meaning of it. Times goes quickly, last year I was amazed how big the pumpkin was. I’m very excited to learn how to make a jack-a-lantern. Now, it’s my second year I still love it and its so much fun. Anyway, Happy Halloween!

As a woman having a garden was absolutely wonderful. The refreshment and happiness brought by gardening was terrific. This year of spring season, I was inspired of putting a flower garden in front of my porch and backyard. My husband and I went to shop at Home Depot located at 13 Mile, Roseville. We bought different variety of flowers and vegetable plants, top soil, insect powder and fence. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to dig the soil at that time. My little one had so much fun digging and shoveling soil. My hubby started planting the vegetables like cherry tomato, eggplant, cabbage, beans, bell pepper, lettuce and acorn squash. The garden was small so we just bought a few plants of veggies. The digging was hard to make the soil ready, and then we put fertilizer on it. He fixed the fence properly so rodents wouldn’t eat our plants. Then, I planted the flowers. I got old bricks from our garage that was used as a border for the flowers to avoid weeds. Since the month of May until now, our flowers bloomed beautifully. We ate all the fresh vegetables from our garden. I can tell the freshness of veggies from our garden to the ones that we usually buy in the market. The taste was good and it’s delicious. Right now its autumn season, the weather turning cold, the plants started to die. We picked all the excess vegetables from our garden even though it’s not yet ripe. My daughter had a small bucket, I let her pick it all and she enjoyed it. I put it all in a pan and will wait until it becomes ripe. So that’s the story of Rush Family spring season fun activity. See you next year because were planning to expand our garden and plant some more.


This will be my second time to celebrate Halloween here in America. I’ve noticed residents here are fascinated of putting decorations on their houses. This month of October, malls are crowded. You can see shoppers all over and there’s a lot of traffic in the parking lot. In short, people are busy for the upcoming holiday. It’s like preparing for a huge party. Back home in my country, the Philippines some do it, while others do not. Those who do it will prepare their house for a family party. Some go out for bar hopping like in Makati and Malate, Manila. There’s a huge party all the way down the street. They have contest for the scariest costume that will be televised. However, the majorities of Filipino are in the cemetery with candles, flowers and even snack foods. The whole family and relatives are there and solemnly pray. In my family, we usually go to the cemetery. We don’t go for a party. It’s against the law of my clan. We have a strong culture of spending time to our love ones who passed away even if you live in a far away province. We’re going to travel ahead of time so there’s no hustle and bustle. I just missed it and I want to visit my brother’s grave. I want to see my whole family so we can light up the candles together. Sit down and talk. Since, it’s impossible for me to fly back to my country. I will buy a candle, light it up and pray.

After my little princess pooped out, I cleaned the bathroom and spray the perfume all over. Oh, smells good! While busy cleaning the doorbell rang. My neighbor, Kelly and her 6 yr old daughter Sidney were outside. My hubby opened the door, Kelly asked if her daughter could play with my little one. We both agreed and the two lovely kids played inside Riona’s room. One of my problems here in America, especially in my place, children are not seen playing outside. It’s a bit odd for me, I don’t know my neighbors. It’s like they don’t want to be recognize. When I go outside, I seldom see people. Believe me, I can count those neighbors of mine who come out from their house on my fingers. Sometimes I can’t help myself from pitying my little princess because she doesn’t usually have playmates in our community. We bought her some toys, to get her attention and play along with her. Though it’s not yet enough, She really needs company same as her age. That’s why I’m happy every time my neighbor knock and bring along her daughter to play with my little one. So the two kids are happy and they both have fun playing together. I’m glad my daughter has company even for 30 minutes. I thought this year, I can bring her in Preparatory School so being alone will not be an issue. Unfortunately, she hasn’t reached the School birthday cut off. She must be 4 years old until December 1, 2008. Since her birthday is on December 21, she will wait for next year. It doesn’t sound good to me, she will be a little bit older to her classmates next year. But that’s the way it is, I need to follow School rules and regulations even though it’s unfair for my daughter. Right now, I am teaching her some Preparatory lectures. She knows how to recognize shapes and colors. She can count numbers from 1 to 20. She can sing the alphabet but not yet familiar with the letters itself. She can follow instructions. My hubby bought her a kiddy computer from leapfrog for her to be familiar in computer keys and their functions. It has programs for numbers, alphabets, colors and shapes. It’s a good learning tool for my toddler. I’ve noticed my daughter became smart and learn fast from it. Television is another tool that helps my daughter to become smarter. There are educational shows like Barney, world words, Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, Mickey Mouse playhouse, Backyardigans, Doodlebops, etc. I am very thankful, it’s a big help for a mom like me. I’m very happy my daughter is doing very well. I'm proud of her!
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This October was a difficult and unforgettable month for me. Last week, my family had a tough situation. A breathtaking moment for all of us which I wouldn’t want to happened again. Then, I got a shot for flu last day to make me healthy and prepared for the flu season. Honestly, that’s one of my weakness, the injection. It freaking hurts, I hate needles. Today, it’s my daughter’s vaccination appointment. Her pediatrician studied and summarized her vaccination record that she had before. Then, she came up with three due vaccines and one for flu so four shots total. I pity my little one for the shots that she got. She cried and whined so loud. I feel sorry for my princess hoping I can get all the shots for her so she will not be hurt. However, we need to be healthy and be ready for the coming winter so were not sick. Anyway, this month also is my first year here in America as well as my daughter. Time goes quickly and fast, I remembered I was whining to my hubby and wanted to go back home cause of being homesick, and then I overcame it. We were going to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary this month too. I’m happy that God still allowed and gave us a chance to celebrate it together. It’s overwhelming and we are blest. I am thankful for his kindness. It’s a double celebration for me though, same date were my brother passed away. My family back in the Philippines will visit my brother’s grave. I'm just waiting that immigration approve my change of status so I can finally visit him.
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Last week, my family battled in a very delicate situation. My husband was hospitalized because of a heart attack. There was a possibility that he might leave me alone in a glance. It’s kind of scary that certain things happen unexpectedly. My thought at that time was how will I handle this kind of situation independently. I’m afraid of how will I continue my life without him. I’m not yet ready for this kind of trial, nor prepared for a big bang. I just hold onto God and keep praying for our safety. Fortunately, God heard my prayers, he touched my hand. He saved me again in a difficult situation in my life. I’m glad that medical technology here in America is efficient and very effective. Now, He is safe and pretty well. I’m feeling better and can breathe normally. I’m so happy that things turned well. I want to thank my friends, Aira and Elizabeth, for offering their hands to help. Thank you guys and wish you have more blessings to come.
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Last year of 2001, I started smoking cigarettes. I was influenced by my friends, we went out for party every other night, go bar hopping until the dawn. Would you believe, I smoked that one pack of cigarette just a single night. Then, suddenly I had breathing problem. I can’t breathe normally. I visited our family doctor for check up and confessed about my addiction. Then, I followed what my doctor advised and stop smoking. Year 2003, though It's very hard, but I'm finally non-smoker. I’m proud of myself that I did it. Now, I'm clean and don't have any plan to try it again.

So I researched about it to help others to fight and quit smoking especially those people close to my heart. It's not yet late, you can still save your life. According to the American Heart Association, smoking cigarettes tops the list of major risk factors of our No. 1 killer, heart and blood vessel disease. In fact, almost one-fifth of deaths from heart disease are caused by smoking. The long list of diseases and deaths due to smoking is frightening. Smoking also harms thousands of nonsmokers who are exposed to cigarette smoke, including infants and children. If you smoke, you have a good reason to worry about its effect on your health, your loved ones and others. You could become one of the more than 430,000 smoking related deaths every year. When you quit, you reduce that risk tremendously! No matter how much or how long you've smoked, when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease and stroke starts to drop. In time your risk will be about the same as if you'd never smoked! How do you quit? Thats the big question, Here’s the steps:

1. list your reasons to quit and read them several times a day. Wrap your cigarette pack with paper and rubber bands. Each time you smoke, write down the time of day, how you feel, and how important that cigarette is to you on a scale of 1 to 5. Rewrap the pack.
2. Keep reading your list of reasons and add to it if you can. Don’t carry matches, and keep your cigarettes out of easy reach. Each day, try to smoke fewer cigarettes, and try not to smoke the ones that aren’t most important.
3. Continue with step two. Set a target date to quit. Don’t buy a new pack until you finish the one you’re smoking. Change brands twice during the week, each time for a brand lower in a tar and nicotine. Try to stop for 48 hours at one time.
4. Quit smoking completely. Throw out all cigarettes and matches. Hide lighters and ashtrays. Stay busy! Go to the movies, exercise, take long walks, go bike riding. Avoid situations and “triggers” you relate with smoking. Find healthy substitutes for smoking. Carry sugarless gum or artificially sweetened mints. Munch carrots or celery sticks. Try doing crafts or other things with your hands. Do deep breathing exercises when you get the urge.

It's hard to stay a nonsmoker once you've had a cigarette, so do everything you can to avoid that "one." The urge to smoke will pass. The first 2 to 5 minutes will be the toughest. If you do smoke after quitting, this doesn't mean you're a smoker again. Do something now to get back on track. Don't punish or blame yourself, tell yourself you're still a nonsmoker. Think about why you smoked and decide what to do the next time it comes up. Sign a contract to stay a nonsmoker.

You know what will happen after you quit, your senses of smell and taste come back. Smoker's cough goes away. You will digest normally. You feel alive and full of energy. You breathe much easier. It's easier to climb stairs. You're free from the mess, smell and burns in clothing. You feel free of "needing" cigarettes. You'll live longer and have less chance of heart disease, stroke, lung disease and cancer.

If you want to learn more visit americanheart.org and StrokeAssociation.org.

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