My husband is very handy when comes to home remodeling. He has done all of his own work for a number of years. I have often wondered why he never remodeled professionally. He does such beautiful work, but he doesn’t wish to do it for anyone else. He has become the ultimate “do it yourselfer”. We are remodeling our basement for a kitchenette and bathroom. It is a very big project and time consuming. My husband has cut the cement, laid the new drain piping, and poured the new cement. We have laid ceramic tiles, built walls, and hung the sheet rock. We have roughed in the plumbing and are ready to start placing the cabinets. Once the cabinets are in place we will shop for a counter top and sink, along with the faucets.

We have done a lot of researching for counter tops and sinks that would fit our needs. We had to consider price and function to find the best combination. We found Sinks USA to have everything we were looking for. We really liked their undermount sinks; it’s exactly what we wanted. They are stainless steel and go good with any design. We like the fact they are affordable and don’t chip. They are also cleaner since there is no lip for dirt to build up under. At Sinks USA they have free shipping and a great return policy. If you have a home project and are looking for a great sink at an affordable price check out their web site at
undermount sinks.

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