My husband is planning to buy my daughter a cute Puppy dog on her upcoming birthday. He wants to give her something very special that she really wants. She always wish to have one everytime we stroll around in the Mall. She keeps telling us, "Mom and Dad, I wish I could have a puppy." I pity her for not being able to granting her wish on that moment but there's a lot of things to consider before getting one, especially since we have a baby. We advised her to be patient and when the right time comes, her wish will definitely come true.

Right now, my hubby is busy browsing the net to get all the information needed on purchasing, providing care, health insurance, for owning a dog. One thing that caught his attention is the Nylabone. Its is very informative site when it comes to caring for a dog's teeth. The Nylabone Nubz and Edible Dental Dog Chews are the best recommended product. It helps clean the teeth, freshens breath, and reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It's highly digestible, made with real chicken, no added sugar, salt, plastic, or preservatives. There are 18 large size bones that can break into 36 smaller treats; ideal snack size , gluten-free formula, all natural and made in USA.

You can purchase it at Costco. They have monthly coupons for Costco members. The Coupon value is worth $3.50. You can't beat that! It's a great price. This promo is valid from August 19th – September 12th so better hurry while supplies last!

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