My kids begged us to go to Disney this year for their Spring Break and though we told them no, we’re actually going to book a trip and surprise them with it at the last minute! They’re going to be absolutely elated but it’s really going to stretch us money wise, so I’ve been tasked with finding us the best deal online. We’ve got wireless from http://www.clearwirelessinternet4g.com at the house so I’ve been spending nights looking up packages and specials for families. It’s tough this time of year though since so many people have the exact same idea, so I’ve got to really dig in order to get us a money saving offer. Whatever the cost, it’s going to be worth it since we’re all so excited! I’ve actually never even been to Disney World so I’m probably just as excited as the kids, and my husband’s just going to be glad to get away from his job and get down to the Florida sunshine for a while! Spring Break, here we come!

Author: Joyce Mccall
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We are planning on taking our kids next year and very much looking forward to it. Thanks for visiting Mommy's Lessons - happy to follow you!