A very interesting stories about drugs, alcohol, child prostitution, gang, and self harm for young teens. Four teenagers was sent to Rehab to have another chance to fix their life well. It's quite interesting though. I became emotional while reading this book because each teenagers has a real life wild experience. Honestly, I need to stop for a moment and take a deep breath before I continue. It reminds me of my dark past that actually boost my confidence to accept changes in my life. It was difficult to do but I made it well. So if you have addiction that you can't control, seek help immediately before you lost all the people you love. This book will guide and enlighten you on what's going on inside and out of the Rehab also to get your self back on track and gain self respect. You can get a copy at Barnes and Noble for affordable price.

Amidst the darkness of turmoil there is hope.
Blake SOlomon had never heard such heart-wrenching stories until now. Jason gang-member, Rebecca a child prostitute, Matthew an African refugee, and Felicity a reckless rich kid, make up the newest group at Blake's Anchor Beach Rehabilitation Clinic.
Each have seen more than their share of tragedy and have reached a point of desperation where all hope seems lost. Leaving behind worlds tainted with drugs and alcohol, violence and abuse, self-harm, and street-life is easier said than done. Unexpectedly, these four young lives collide in extraordinary circumstances as they attempt to salvage any glimmer of strength and self-belief they have left.
Blake's battle to save all four from paths of certain self-destruction is the toughest he's ever faced. Is a quick-fix all he has to offer before feeding them back to the lions? Or will he keep his promise in helping them to face their demons?
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