Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

Lately I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal so that I can keep track of all of the good things that happen to me. I reunited with a bunch of my friends from college a few months ago and one of them said her and her husband started that habit when they found themselves becoming more and more negative each day. I think that sometimes it gets so easy to focus on the negative, and keeping a journal about everything I am grateful for helps me keep things in perspective too. It was a great recommendation from a good friend. Every night before I go to sleep I try to jot something down, no matter how insignificant it seems. My entries have ranged from something as small as being grateful for my friend recommending I go to Clear-Internet.com to get a mobile 4G internet connection, to something as meaningful as being grateful that all four of my grandparents are still alive and healthy. The best part of keeping the journal is looking back and laughing and reminiscing about my entries. Sometimes when I look back on the days when I struggled I laugh at how unimportant those shortcomings seem now.

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