Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

Being an innkeeper was nothing I ever had in mind for myself to tell you the truth. I was an accountant all my life and I figured if I could keep that up I’d be able to make a steady income and retire at a decent age, you know, the American dream. But the real estate bug bit me a couple of years ago and when I came across this place on my Satellite Internet Amery I just couldn’t pass it up. The bones of the house and the income potential were just out of this world so I knew what I needed was to dive in head first. I quit my job and I’ve been slowly draining my savings into this place…that’s been the scariest part by far. I love having so many options but sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about how all the decisions are mine to make. I think it’s important to note I’ve never even STAYED in a bed and breakfast – that’s on my immediate list!
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