I watched the History channel the other day, it was about international tattoos. I was amazed with the different extreme designs of those people on the television that had them. Most of them had tattoos all over their body, face and even in their own eye balls. It was really amazing! Well, people today are very expressive about their feelings and desires; I love it anyway. My husband and I had a conversation about it. We are open minded couple so we appreciate those who have tattoos. He has tattoos on his arms; one is a Marine Corp tattoo. Once in his life, he served and protected his country. It’s memorable for him and he is proud of it. Anyway, I like to have one too. I’m open with it. But, I’m still figuring out what would be the best tattoo to put on my body. Of course, I wanted it to be special and valuable. It’s a lifetime mark so I better be picky. Browsing the net, I found a website, http://www.tattoochatcity.com/ , that really helped me to decide. Good thing, I am able to chat with people who have them, especially women. It helps me a lot, the fact that I have so many questions about tattooing. It also have Tattoo Chat Room there so I have a chance to ask women about having their first tattoo experience. So, if you’re interested like me try this site for advice. Perhaps having personal chat with an expert will help. You’ll never regret it.
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  1. roi patrick Says:

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    you response will be much appreciated.
    Thank you and have a great day.
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  2. andy Says:

    Tatto is art panting in body. That's look beautiful if we know what painting have to put in our body :D

    Thx for your share and the info friend :D

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