I have this fascination in watching the History channel on the television. I have become knowledgeable about historic events here in America. It helps me to understand the story behind their yearly holiday celebrations. It makes me feel good to be able to relate.

Anyway, are you a history lover? Do you have passion in history globally? Well, if you do I have something to share with you about the Holodomor Truth. It was a Soviet Union Famine way back in the years 1932-1933. There was massive hunger caused by the genocide in politics. It was called as Golodomor, which means a great hunger. Politically, they changed the word to Holodomor sounds like Holocaust because they wanted to attract the world’s attention. Scholars estimate about 6-8 million peasants died at that time. It’s sad and frightening to see dead people lying on the ground, piled up like a mountain. Thank God that the revelation of truth in the Holodomor event was already revealed. Many hungry people died because of a political agenda. I can’t help to ask myself why this had to happen. Why innocent people became the victim of every political interest? If you want to read the real and full story of this tragic event, you can visit this link holodomor or go direct to this site http://holodomor-truth.org. I hope this historical event in the Soviet Union will not happen again in our generation. I believe that our government globally will fight and avoid famine.
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