I received this tag from a good friend of mine in Friendster namely Reychelle Esma of Turkey. She's a wonderful girl and i like her a lot. Thank you sis for considering me as one of your friend. I really appreciate it. I wish you all the best in life.

A – Accepts you for who you are
B – Believes in you
C – Calls you just to say Hi
D – Doesn’t give up on you
E - Envisions the whole you
F – Forgives your mistakes
G – Gives unconditionally
H – Helps you
I – Invites you over
J – Just like to be with you
K – Keeps you close to heart
L – Loves you for who you are
M – Makes a difference in your life
N – Never judges you
O – Offers support
P – Picks you up when you are down
Q- Quiets your tears
R – Respects you
S – Says nice things when you need to hear it
T – Tries to always make you smile
U – Understands you
V – Value you
W – Walks beside you
X- Gives you lots of XXX’s
Y –Yells when you need to listen
Z – Zaps you back to reality

I'm gonna pass this to all my blogger friends VhingF, Rechie, Ruthi, Gracedraper, Amazing Grace, Janice B., Paige, Julie, Claire, Icyents, dhurianne, Madz, Dhemz, Nanaybelen, Mommyko, Nadia, Cacai and YOU! Grab this anytime...
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2 Responses
  1. Cacai_Nad Says:

    Hi Ruth, thanks for including me in your list, no linky love huh? hehheeheh. I guess I already have this on- it's just the title differ it's A-Z Tag, anyway, I will just include u in my sender's name. I will give u the link then. Thanks again Sis.. take care as you're pregnant. Lab yah. Muahhh

  2. GOD Says:

    thanks sis for the tag