This afternoon, I am scheduled for a road test around 4’o clock with my family and a friend. Unfortunately, our SUV was hit by another car. The damage is in the right rear side of the tire. The driver was not paying attention to the traffic. I had the right of way but the driver was too busy with his cellphone so he didn’t see me coming. It was a very loud impact so his car has a lot of damage in the front end of his car. Then, my hubby called 911 Police to report the accident. I was scared and nervous because my daughter was in the back seat so I checked on her to see if she’s fine. The loud sound of the collision made her frightened. She told me, “Mommy, you should be careful okay.” I said, “I’m sorry” then hug her tightly. I was shaking all over at that moment. After 5 minutes, the police came and asked for my driver’s license, car insurance and car registration to make a report. He let me go home first because he was done with my complaint report. The other driver was still there waiting for his turn. I am glad that we’re all safe and nothing bad happened. Thank you Lord!

Anyway, when we returned home, my husband called our insurance company to report the damages of our SUV. He took photos of the damages to our car. He also called the road test trainer to reschedule the test on Friday. Hopefully, the insurance company will visit and check our SUV fast so I can do the road test on that day.

However, my hubby is planning to put a new turbocharger in our SUV. Since, it’s going to be spring season and summer time is almost here. He wanted to put on a new turbocharger to gain more horse power and performance. Turbochargers will greatly improve the horsepower, torque and more. So, if you want to change your turbocharger, here’s the recommended site for you
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3 Responses
  1. Meryl Says:

    hi girl... buti walang nasaktan and safe kayong nakauwi.
    thanks God.

    May God bless you and your family always...be safe...

  2. vhingF Says:


    ingatz dyan sis..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh my god buti ok nman kau madami nga ganyan di cla nag pay attention habang nagda drive ingat lagi importante wala nangyari sa inyo