I love to watch television most of the day, I've noticed that there's a lot of reality TV shows. Honestly, I enjoy it though its kind of crazy. I like the idea that men and women, or young and old want to get involved in show business; although without proper training, knowledge or experience in acting. The good side is they can still receive a casting call from the Directors and photographers. As long as you have what it takes to be a model, actor, extras, or even musician. The downside is it's a limited offer only.
Do you want to improve and upgrade your knowledge of acting? If yes, I want you to visit and join Casting360. This company gives support, trains and assist anyone who wants to pursue their dreams. They have video acting lessons where in you can learn how to audition properly, to know the right head shot and resume, camera technique and perfect way of acting. If you join and become a member of Casting360, you will gain reward points. For instance, the casting director will prioritize your shots and post it on the website. Here's the advantages of being a member of Casting360;
You can;
  • Submit to unlimited casting calls
  • Communicate with Casting Directors, Photographers and each other
  • Enter contests and judge photos
  • Speak up and gossip in interactive forums
  • Upload clips of their work
  • Question our staff Advisors and each other about the entertainment industry and much, much more.

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