Macomb Family Connections
June 5th 10-6p

ERIN Presbyterian Church
30000 Gratriot ave
Roseville, MI 48066

Our church will be having it's first clothing swap on June 5th.
You can swap your used cloths for new to you used cloths.
If you donate you will get an 1hr early entry to pick out cloths for
yourself and family.
But you don't have to donate to partcipate. 1 large bag per family will be GIVEN by us. There will be only one run through this is to keep the swap fair.
You may also get an extra bag from us for a dollar donation to help with our back to school back pack project. The packs will be filled with school supplies,hats and gloves.
These will be given to famlies in need. Registration for the backpack will be from 10-11a

Please pass this on to family,friends and anyone who you can think off
that you know can benefit from the swap

THIS IS FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY. NO charities, shelters, or resale.

Brenda- brendamike01@att.net

Drop off times at the church is June 1st to June 3rd 9-1, June 4th 9a-7p
The day of the swap June 5th up to 6p

For more information on any of our events



A Clothes Swap is a totally FREE event, with NO obligation to bring
anything or take anything. It's called a "swap" because so many people
bring clothes they no longer need, and take what they DO want.


At home, sort and fold CLEAN clothes (clothes you wouldn't mind
putting on your family to go out in public) by size ino boxes or
bags. THEN, when you get to the swap, sort the clothes by size onto
marked tables. Next comes the fun part. Go to the tables with the size
clothes you are looking for, and take what you need. Free of charge.
No strings attached. There are no minimums or maximums.

Some families are looking to clean out the clothes they no longer use,
and they bring boxes of clothes in, sometimes leaving with just one or
two "special" things. Other families are really in need of clothes,
and come with little or nothing, but leave with bags of clothes.
Others bring what they took last season, for another family to take
this time, and bring home another seasons worth themselves to start
the process again.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons. All children must be supervised.
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