I like to travel around alot in my Toyota-corolla 2001. I have been many different places in Canada and the United States. I have been out to the Colorado mountains, Yellow stone park was another of my favorites. Niagra Falls was really special for my hubby and the kids. We have many fond memories traveling together as a family. Of course, all cars break down once in a while unexpectantly. While traveling through Illinois my Toyota Corolla broke down. Water and steam poured from underneath the hood. Not being familiar with the Chicago area, we were uncertain where to take the car. So we made it to a hotel where we checked in. Thankfully they had free wi-fi and we were able to go online and reseach the area for a reputable repair shop. So we typed in Chicago auto repair and found a web site Repairpal.com listing many shops, including foreign car repair. So we took out Toyota Corolla there and they told us that we needed a water pump replacement. They also told me they could have it fixed that same day since the water pump for a 2001 was in stock. What a surprise, we were back on our way that afternoon! So when your traveling through Chicago and need auto service, check out the Chicago auto repair shops and mechanics.

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