My daughter Riona is 5 years old and she's attending preschool 2009-2010 class at Taylor. This week, the school will be over. On thursday, it's her Graduation Day. The teachers and the rest of her classmates will celebrate it at the Masonic Park. Right now, I am looking for a beautiful dress and sandal somewhere in the Mall for her to wear. Anyway, teacher Leslie handed over to me my daughter's portpolio and journal last week. When I opened it, I was overwhelmed with happiness because I saw all her works like painting, writings, drawings, some cutting activities and her pictures in school. It's so amazing and super cute. I'm speechless with joy seeing my daughter's improvement in school. I am planning to keep it as a souvenir so when she grows up she can see her first year of school. It's wonderful memories. I was thinking to put it all on a Free Website. So I can add more designs and decorate it the way I want. I like the idea that I have 2 copies, the hard copy and on the web. So whatever happens to the hard copy I still have back up on the web. I think I am going to use the Wix Flash website builder. It's free and I can create unlimited design.
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