Marilyn Monroe died twenty six years ago, but the legends surroundings the tragic star have only grown with time. The strange circumstances of her life and death have resulted in many books and many distortions of the truth. Sandra Shevey, a feature columnist of London and Hollywood, came to know the people who had been Marilyn's friends. She was shocked by the discrepancies between the woman they described and the brainless, promiscuous, professionally unrealiable, drug-crazed, and suicidal woman portrayed in the many articles and books written about her.
The Marilyn Scandal sets the record straight. Professionally, Marilyn was a supremely talented actress and a consummate perfectionist. Her business acumen led her, by the age of thirty, to be president of her own production company, making its debut with The Prince and the Showgirl. She was romantic but not promiscuous. Most of her relationship lasted many years, and few can doubt the depth of her attachment to John F. Kennedy. The Kennedy connection with her death has been much written about, but Sandra Shevey has some startling new information about Marilyn's final hours, which is bound stir up new controversy.
The real Marilyn emerges in the course of this fascinating book, culled from the vivid memories of those who knew her most intimately. Marilyn Monroe's admirers at last have a book that does justice to a star and a legend - a celebration of a warm, independent woman who achieved financial success and rose to the very summit of her chosen profession.
Sandra Shevey has been a writer for the past twenty years, contributing cover story interviews and essays to The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Ladies Home Journal, Daily Variety, and other publications, and writing screenplays while living in Hollywood. She now lives in London.
Printed in USA
Copyright 1987 by Sandra Shevey

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