If you’re like me you’ve searched for the idea weight loss program without success. I can’t begin to tell you how many we’ve tried. After stumbling across Diet to go, I began to have success at last. I was amazed at the different menus they offer, Low-fat traditional, low-fat vegetarian, diabetic, and low-carb meal plans. With free dietary analysis, you can personalize your meal plans to fit your needs. You can even call and get assistance from one of their professionals. Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Don’t forget to sign up for their dietary newsletter and get your discount code for Diet to Go.

Their meal plans are pretty flexible too. If you don’t have enough meals to complete your daily plan, you can substitute meals right from your own kitchen. They have a meal substitution list right on their web site for your convenience. With meals averaging about $6 dollars per meal, your budget will not get over whelmed. You can stop and start your plan without any extra cost. They use the freshest ingredients and never add any salt, flavor enhancers, or preservatives to their foods. They are able to serve meals that are well balanced and perfect in nutrition as well as good tasting and satisfying.

This top rated online weight loss program also offers local pick up or mail order. Mail order delivery is offered coast to coast. The meals are prepared in their USDA commercial Kitchens, packed in dry ice and shipped right to your door! They also provide between meal snacks to compliment your meal plan. If you live close to their local pick up areas you can just hop right on over and get started! There are four local pick up areas, Baltimore area, DC Metro area, The SF Bay area, or Greater Philadelphia. What is so great is these meals meet the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, and the USDA Food Pyramid.

I love the nutritional information charts they provide on their web site. It lets me see exactly all the information I need to evaluate my meal plan. With a two tier calorie platform, I can choose the plan that best fits my dietary needs. The mail order pricing charts let me know exactly what my costs are for my monthly meal plan. The pricing varies a little depending on the calorie level plan you choose. They offer different meal plans for 7 days or 5 days depending on your budget. You can choose from 10 meals a week to 21 meals per week. Pricing from $86 to $ 150 per week. If you dine out a lot like I did, you’ll spend a lot more than that.

You can also try their products before you buy them. You can drop in on one of their taste testing events. Just visit their web site to find the nearest one to you; they hold them in fitness clubs near their local pickup areas. Sign up today and start receiving Diet to Go insider tips and news, promotions, local events and exclusive offers. It’s all there to help you save money and lose weight. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and you tube! Start living your healthy life today!
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