Honey, I have a lot of things to say to you
Just sit back and read it carefully..
Thank you for waking everybody up early in the morning
Changing Raiden's diaper right away when you heard his cry
Preparing his milk while you're still sleepy
Then waking up Riona coz you know its time to get ready for school
Turn on the water in the shower room
Preparing her breakfast foods
Dropping her off and wait til she's inside the school.
Thank you for taking care of Raiden
Giving him a bath, Feeding him
Playing and spending time with him in the backyard
Calling his Pediatrician for vaccination update
Buying stuff for him and
Tickling him before going to bed.
Thank you for cleaning our house
Washing dirty dishes
Cooking american foods
Doing the stinky laundry
Cutting the tall lawn
Planting variety of veggies
Thank you for being there while I'm at work and school.
Thank you for understanding my weaknesses.
Thank you for being responsible.
Thank you for providing for us.
Thank you for helping me.
Thank you for loving us.
I couldnt find any Man like you in this world.
I definitely blessed for having a wonderful husband like you.
Everyday is a father's day, Happy Father's Day Honey!
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