This summer is the best season for my family to plan a trip whether its domestic or international. The reason is school break for my daughter. No hassle, no school, no assignments, or even doctor appointments. Everybody is in the house the entire day. Isn't that sweet? I tell you what, we definitely have fun in the summer time. I'll make sure my kids will enjoy the activities outside.

My husband and I were talking about travelling somewhere in Europe. We have ordered travel brochures online to see what's a good place to visit. Its kind of interesting because we got the brochure in less than a week. Believe me or not, it was fast. I thought we would not get it for about 2 weeks but fortunately I was wrong. Right now, we have 5 brochures from different countries in Europe for instance Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, and Portugal. Seeing the brochures makes me want to go right now. It is spectacular and I'm so excited. I love to visit all of the places someday. I guess I need to buy lottery later so my wish will come true.

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