Saint of the Week:

A Saint is often an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life of virtue and faith. As Catholics we should use these exemplars to inspire us in our daily lives.

St. Peter Chrysologus (406-450)

Little is reported concerning his childhood but he was born in Imola, in North central Italy. His abilities were noticed Cornelius, Bishop of Imola who trained him and ordained him. Soon after he was made archdeacon with the help of Emperor Valentinian III. He was a strong and moral man, and had a wonderful way of expressing ideas and the teachings of the Church. The people of Ravennahad approached Pope Sixtus III concerning the appointment of a new bishop. However, the Pope had a vision. In it St. Peter and St. Apollinaris showed him the next bishop of Revenna, St. Peter Chrysologus. The title Chrysologus means "golden tounged" and this title was given to him by Empress Galla Placidia after hearing his first sermon. In fact, his homilies would later earn him the title Doctor of the Church which was given by Pope Benedict XIII. They had the ability to simply and clearly explain Church teachings. Felix of Ravenna preserved 176 of his homilies in the eighth century. He was a staunch believer in the authority of the Church and he defended the Church against such heresies as Arianism and the Monophysite teachings.

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