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I’m so thankful that Sony released PlayStation Move because I and my family got to enjoy playing it especially during rest days and weekends. Instead of us going out with friends, we invite them to our home to play; we spend great time together playing this because aside from us enjoying the game, we also get a chance to exercise. It gives fun and healthy living.

One weekend, I and my husband played Time Crisis, which is one of my husband’s favorite arcade games. I had a great time unloading heavy firepower at anything and everything I aim by pointing the Move, shooting by pulling the trigger, and reloading behind by pressing and holding the Move button. I really enjoyed the accuracy and precision and also the responsiveness of the PlayStation Move controls. I’m excited to play more games using these controls.

First time I have heard about this, I thought of swapping our PlayStation 3 to get PlayStation Move. I have visited http://www.playstationmove.com to get more information and good thing, Move works with PlayStation 3 system. Good news as well that there’s Move bundle package for only $99.99. This bundle package is available in Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, etc.

PlayStation Move gives an indescribable experience with motion gaming. I have recommended this to my families and friends. This doesn’t just put smile on one’s face but also in one’s heart.

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