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It's time for tennis season again, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been following the professionals all year long, and watching so many exciting matches that I was more ready than ever before to get back on the court. Though I normally play on indoor courts during the winter, they're never quite as enjoyable as the fresh outdoor courts at the park near my home.

Last weekend, it was almost warm enough to play, so I decided to head out and brave the chilly air. I packed my tennis bag with my racket, balls, and water, set my Besthomesecurity home security alarm, and drove to the park. I found that several other people must have been waiting just like I had, because the backboards were all full. I decided to take a walk around the park first to stretch out, and when I returned, there was finally a backboard open.

I was happy to find out that my practice during the winter had paid off, as I wasn't nearly as rusty as I sometimes am during the first spring session. I spent nearly two hours on the backboards, and had a really good workout doing so. When I returned home, I decided to leave my equipment in the car, because I knew I would be heading back to the park as soon as possible again.

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