Vintage Kodak Kodamatic 930 Instant Film Camera.
Comes with the ORIGINAL manual.

This operated just like a Polaroid....in that you got your printed picture right there on the spot.

Kodak wanted to get into the Instant Film market to compete with Polaroid. Uh Oh...Polaroid's got a serious case of the red butt. Polaroid hired 84,000 lawyers and sued the daylights out of Kodak. Kodak ran for the hills like a wounded banshee rooster. Naturally, Polaroid won the case. Kodak was ordered to buy back all the Instant Cameras they had sold, or, give the consumer credit towards a new Kodak camera of a different type. They had to pull all of these off the shelves. Kodak took a MAJOR hit on this! The VAST majority of these Kodak Instant Cameras are permanent residents at local dumps across the country. There just aren't that many still around. People threw them away right & left...because....you CANNOT get film for them. It doesn't exist. Polaroid film will not work in these. We're talking EXTREME collector's items. It is 20-30 years old and you've got a little goldmine. Nice condition for it's age. No bad damage! It's missing one of the face labels. Yes, it takes batteries, but why mention it when you'll never be taking any pictures with it. 6 1/2" X 6 1/2"

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