Theirs was one of the great love stories of our time. Indeed, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, captured and have held the world's imagination as perhaps no other husband and wife in modern history. Yet despite the billions of words that have been written about this most golden of couples, the true nature of their relationship has been veiled in mystery and mystique.
Until now. With stunning information from important sources, some of whom were sworn to secrecy until Jackie's death in May 1994, and previously sealed archival material, international best-selling author Christopher Andersen examines their unique partnership and the courage, grace and humor that defined it. In the manner of Joseph Lash's insightful Eleanor and Franklin, Jack and Jackie is packed with startling revelations about the secrets and events that shaped their lives, including:
  • Never - before - known details of their courtship, and the other men Jackie almost married
  • The world famous women whose romances with JFK have previously been unreported, including Audrey Hepburn
  • The shocking truth about Jack's medical condition, and how, as with FDR, the disturbing truth was concealed from the press and the public
  • Their concern about infertility, and Jackie's troubled pregnancies; the way Caroline and John Jr. transformed their lives - and the touching story of how the death of their infant son Patrick brought Jack and Jackie closer than they had every been, only months before Dallas

An inspiring, sympathetic and compelling look at two mythic figures, Jack and Jackie is more than just the definitive portrait of their marriage. It is a glittering fairy tale, a stirring saga of triumph and tragedy, and - above all else - a love story.

Christopher Andersen is the critically acclaimed author of sixteen books, which have been translated into more than twenty languages worldwide. A former contributing editor of Time and Senir editor of People, Andersen has also written hundreds of articles for a wide range of publications including Life magazine and The New York Times.

Copyright 1996 by Christopher P. Andersen

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