Thanks to Darwin Barton

I’ve casually owned horses for the last twenty years and have just recently made it more than just a hobby. Some of my horses suffer from severe allergies, many of them aggravated by certain foods. I found myself spending a great deal of time each week blending them special food to eat that would be safe on their digestive systems. My horses really seemed to love the food and their health had never been better. Carol, a friend from my stables, suggested that I start selling the feed online to other horse owners who may suffer from similar circumstances. What a great idea! I purchased a website package with ecommerce solutions and I was off and running within about a month. People were able to find and special order my product online and before I knew it, I had more orders coming in than I could handle! I hired a local girl to help me make the blends and we’re now working 4 days a week creating the feed to ship across the country. My horses are happy and I get to spend all day doing something I’m passionate about – what could be better?
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