Best selling author Richard Rohmer has done it again. STARMAGEDDON is a chilling "Star Wars" thriller set in the year 2000.

The American Strategic Defense System has just been put into operation. But does it work? Meanwhile, the Soviet Union is rapidly creating a new device to render the American system useless.

Against this background, the new American vice president - a woman, for the first time in history - sets out on a scheduled flight to South Korea. But it would only take a minor navigational error to send the American plane into sensitive Soviet territory...

From these all - too - plausible beginnings, Richard Rohmer constructs an inexorable escalation, leading to a shattering confrontation in which the superpowers defensive systems are put to the test. As the final countdown approaches. Richard Rohmer once again displays his consummate mastery of suspense and intrigue.

Richard Rohmer is the author of many selling books - novels such as Ultimatum, Exodus/UK and Retaliation and non-fiction such as Patton's Gap and Massacre 747. He lives in Toronto and currently divides his time between writing, business and his law career.

Printed in Canada
Copyright, 1986 Richard Rohmer

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