Becoming a full time wife and mother is a wonderful experience for me. I am able to monitor my family and do the daily household chores. I even manage my time whenever I want to go somewhere or visit my friends. In spite of that, I have a serious problem that is hard for me to solve. I think everyday I have gained weight and become bigger and bigger. I kept eating too many carbohydrates and other fatty foods. Sometimes I feel hungry even though I just ate a while ago. My tummy bothers me a lot. I do some indoor exercises once in a while like dancing and aerobics in our basement. I have even tried to have a diet but I can’t maintain it. This becomes very difficult for me to handle. I am good in my other task but this one I am very weak and hopeless. So, I thought of consulting a doctor to see how they can solve my problem. They think I am overweight which is not normal at my age though. I am a petite lady with 145 lbs. I have baby fat on my hips, thigh and belly. They offered me the fastest and easiest way to maintain my body with liposuction. I have heard of this stuff so many times; I know it will bring a good result. Some average women have tried this to keep their figure well. To be honest, they look very good. It's amazing that medical technology now a days can help women to maintain their body beautiful. I should have determination, patience and discipline if I’m going to try this. This will be a serious cosmetic surgery though it will solve my problem and gain my confidence. Anyway, my Doctor let me study and research full details online. So, If I am ready they can start the procedures as soon as possible. I found one check this link plastic surgery . In this site, the MYA cosmetic surgery has a complete details of instructions, procedures, and even the real images of a women who had surgery. They look awesome and I can tell the big difference of their looks before and after. I probably take this one because they offer affordable surgery than other.

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  1. wohohooo.. be careful to wut u eat ya.. hihi keep slim :)