My family watched the New Year’s celebration in Times Square, New York City on the television. That’s how we spent our New Year’s Eve. We cannot travel anywhere because the weather here in Michigan was below 20 degrees with some heavy snow. While watching the show, the Hollywood singer Taylor Swift caught my attention. She was singing at that moment and I found her beautiful. I liked her song and I wanted to know it. I searched for her on the internet and looked for the songs that she sang. I wanted to know the lyrics of the song. I was glad that I found it and got what I needed. Aside from the lyrics, the site have videos of those certain songs from You Tube. It was awesome because I got it all from one site. I will definitely use this more often. By the way, the site has a variety of movies and games too. I checked the Sci Fi movies; I liked the Stargate movie so much. You can watch the trailer there and read a summary of the story. You can check the ratings in this link movies . You will also see there the Movie Reviews .

Anyway, my hubby and I drank a little wine and beer with some midnight snacks to celebrate the New Years. My little one had her chocolate milk. We were patiently waiting for the count down. When it came, we greeted, hugged and kissed each other. It’s another year for all of us. I hope that this year of 2009 we will be spiritually, financially and physically blessed.
Anyway, to view movie trailers follow this link. Action Movie Reviews
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