Before the New Year came, the weather was so bad. There was a heavy snow and a strong wind that made our district, Macomb County, very dark; we were out of power. My husband woke up around 6:00 o’clock in the morning, when he noticed it. He looked at the clock, and then suddenly it was off. He got up, went to the living room and checked what’s going on. Then, he found out that we didn’t have power because the heater and the lights were off too. Fortunately, we have a supply of Caterpillar Candles that we bought online at http://www.caterpillarscandles.com/. They were scented and pure soy candles. The fragrance was nice in our house. You can use them for any special occasion and send them as a gift to your love ones. If you’re a candle lover, this will be a good deal for you. You can buy cheaper candles at a wholesale price. Visit this link http://www.caterpillarscandles.com/wholesale/wholesale-private-label-soy-candles.html.
Anyway, my husband got all the candles in our stock room and put them all over the house. The power came back on after 15 hours. We were thankful we purchased Caterpillar Candles that gave us a temporary light and left a fragrance and added more heat to our house. For further information please click this link http://www.caterpillarscandles.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=22 .
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