My little one loves Cinderella, she is addicted to any Cinderella stuff. She likes to watch the Cinderella cartoon movie, she will watch it three or more times a day. When we go shopping, I let her pick what stuff she wants to buy and she only asked for her favorite princess, Cinderella. Overall, she has Cinderella T-shirts, Dress, boots, shoes, bags, dolls, stickers, notebooks, make up kit and other Cinderella things.

So, I am thinking of renovating her room. Cinderella will be the best theme for it. I wanted it to be a fairytale room with a lot of fantasy decoration. I thought of buying a bed that have a connection to Cinderella. Anyway, I searched online and looked for children’s bed. There are many websites that offer a variety of beds, but I found one that totally matches to my theme. The design of it will add more fantasy to the room that will look fabulous. It’s a Horse and Carriage bed, 3’0 single version of this bed comes complete with a standard free Solo mattress which features a quilted open coil sprung mattress finished in a hard wearing stitch-bond cover. It is very soft and comfortable to sleep. It’s perfect and beautiful. Actually, the site has a wide variety of beds, check this link beds uk. It has different design and all of it are in good quality that you’ll going to like. My daughter spends most of her time in her room. She likes to play and acts like a real Princess. She even asked me to wear her Princess dress all the time. As parent, the happiness of my daughter is overwhelming and priceless.

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