Like what I've promised, I want to share my second birth experience. I completely agree that mother's milk is the best food for my baby. I breastfeed my little one using breast pump. I produced plenty of milk that makes my baby stuffed. He got the colostrum and sucked my milk for about three weeks. I'm pretty much sure his healthy and got all the complete nutrients.

The first one I used to nurse my baby.

Now, I'm selling this. It's Evenflo Manual Breast Pump, pre-owned, gently used, it was cleaned and sterilized. I'm asking for $20.00 negotiable

I'm thankful to the inventor of this Electric Breast Pump because my baby got the colostrum.

Now, this is For Sale, Medella Breast Pump, pre-owned, gently used, cleaned and sterilized. I'm asking for $280.00 negotiable.

These are the bottles of milk that I've produced for a day during my nursing time.

I would like these Breast Pumps to be gone as soon as possible so other mother out there can use it. I don't like it to store for a long time. If you're expectant mother or with infant who badly need a breast pump and want to buy it kindly send me a message. Just leave a comment. I will consider any reasonable amount offer.

Out of curiosity, I researched who's the inventor of the breast Pump. That's genius! So here's the History from Wikipedia.

On June 20, 1854, the United States Patent Office issued Patent No. 11,135 to O.H. Needham for a breast pump.[1] Scientific American (1863) credits L.O. Colbin as the inventor and patent applicant of a breast pump.[2] In 1921-23, engineer Edward Lasker produced a mechanical breast pump that imitated an infant's sucking action and was regarded by physicians as a marked improvement on existing hand-operated breast pumps, which failed to remove all the milk from the breast.[3] The U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. 1,644,257 for Lasker's breast pump.[4]In 1956 Einar Egnell published his groundbreaking work, "Viewpoints on what happens mechanically in the female breast during various methods of milk collection[5]" This article provided insight to the technical aspects of milk extraction from the breast. The Egnell SMB breastpump designed through this research is quite robust and many pumps are still in operation today over 50 years after publication.
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