My daughter and I celebrated our Birthdays together last December 17. It was my birthday and her is today. I asked my hubby to bake a cake for us so we can have a simple family celebration. As you can see, we have a fabulous home made chocolate cake baked by my industrious and sweet hubby. I was assigned to decorate the top. It was my first time, I don't know when to start and what style to put on but in the end I figured it out and it's kind of fun. I really enjoy it though. I think I did a pretty good job on this eventhough it's not that perfect. Maybe I need to practice more and learn some other style so I can enhance my knowledge in decorating cake. You know what, baking cake is very easy job though you must have your own oven in your kitchen and make sure that you also have the complete ingredients and materials in the table. It's a win-win job. I am telling you, you're going to like it. Just be ready and patient to tolerate the pain in your arms because thats the worst part of it. My arms are shaking and tired of squeezing the icing but I am glad it turned out pretty good.

Yummy for our bellies. My daughter likes the flowers so I served it on her plate. Believe me, she has a good appetite because she ate it all. She ordered us not to touch the flowers because that part was for her only. Hmm..Who's the boss? I think Dad did a good job!

Goshh..I'm 30 years old now. Time really goes quick. It's unbelievable, I am getting old. Well, goodbye to age 20's welcome to 30's. Seriously, I will make sure my 30's moment in this earth will be more exciting, many adventure and more fun experience. I will enjoy my life to the fullest. You know what, when I was in my age 20's, I set goals in my life status. I told myself that when I reach the age of 30, I should accomplish this and that. Guess what, I achieved it. Actually, I never thought it would be possible until then I realized it really happened. I reached all my goals and I am very lucky. It was amazing! Unexpectedly, God blessed me with so many beautiful things and happiness in my life. Now, it's time to set another goals again and make it happen by the age of 40. Wish me luck!

Here's my beautiful 5 years old girl. She is very smart, funny and adorable. I decided to celebrate our birthdays together so we can prepare for my son's baptism on January. We need to be thrifty so we can have a perfect budget for Christmas day and baptism. Anyway, I am proud of her self development. She learned a lot from school. She is very competitive little girl. Good job baby doll!

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