We had a simple family celebration last December 11. My son is two months old. We have cake and ice cream on our table. We sang a Happy Birthday song to him. My daughter did the honor of blowing the candle, thats her favorite part of all. I am very happy to see him growing fast. His a good looking baby. I'm so proud of him. But, my little boy is sick at that time. He got colds from this freezing weather. He got runny nose and cough so his kind of cranky and until now his not yet feeling well. My hubby called the Pediatric office to report his condition. According to the nurse, there's no medicine available for my baby's age. They usually never prescribe any medicine for young babies because their body still fragile. She asked us to buy bulb syringe for his runny nose and use infant drops to help his breathing problem that can be purchase over the counter. Then we did, thats the one were using right now. Aside from that, I did my own researched on the internet about how to take care of a sick baby. I know I have my daughter so I should be more knowledgable about it but, as parent, I need to learn more and refresh those health information. To be honest, I forgot some of the pointers, the fact that my daughter and son have 5 years age gap. I need to recall all the details again. Anyway, good thing I did it because I remember now that I should use Humidifier or vaporizer everytime my baby is sick. In that way, my son can able to breath well. We purchased humidifier at BabyRUs store which kind of expensive but I don't care as long as it's useful and helpful. Right now, were observing his condition and hoping soon he will be fine and be back on shape.

Happy Birthday young boy..Get well soon..

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