Here's my version of Tuna Pie. It taste good. My husband likes this. She want me to make this again for him. This is good if you have health problem especially if your diabetic. Also, if your trying to slim down like me. This Tuna pie will help you lose weight. This is good for your body. I got this recipe from my FSFF friend name Marga of France. She did a good job on her pie and I like it that's why I made my own. Here it is;
butter, 2 leeks, salt and pepper, 1 can of tuna, 3 eggs, make a dough from scratch or buy the ready made, 1 nestle cream or any cream that you think will work and chive.
Mix eggs, chive and cream in a separate bowl. Then saute the leeks using butter. When the leeks are cooked, put it on the pie dough, spread the Tuna on the top and pour the mix bowl. Set the oven for 200 degree and wait until it become golden brown.

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