The mounting devastation in Haiti cries out to all of us to open our hearts to help the people of this tiny island nation. The nations of the world and international relief agencies will rush needed food, water, housing and medical supplies to the Haitian people. All of this will take some time, and the faith of the people will be tested. They lost their Archbishop, Joseph Serge Miot, their Cathedral, seminaries and many of their churches. Lewis and Company and rosaryparts.com know our Rosary Makers want to lend their help and support to the Haitian people who are 80% Catholic. Working with the Family Rosary, who have a mission in Haiti, we will help supply Rosaries to these people who have lost everything. Food, shelter and water will help in the long recovery process but when you have lost everything, only prayer can restore faith and hope. Our Blessed Mother promised to answer the prayers of those in need and we can think of no better prayer than the Rosary. If you wish to help by making Rosaries to help restore hope to Haiti, Lewis and Company and rosaryparts.com will pay for the shipping costs of our Missionary Rosaries Kits to you. After you have completed the kits, please send them back to us. We will pay for the shipping to the Family Rosary's Haitian Mission to guarantee your Rosaries will reach those in need. May you be blessed in your generosity.

This week say a Rosary to Our Blessed Mother to help those who are suffering in Haiti.
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