Lumpia is one of my family's favorite Asian food. They have a good appetite every time I cooked this especially my daughter. I recommend this to all mothers who have little kids. It's a good finger food for them. Just serve this with some Asian sauce or ketchup. It's absolutely taste good and they going to like it. So here's my version of Lumpia.


ground pork or beef ( the amount depend on you)
carrots (depend on your meat)
green beans (depend on your meat)
salt and pepper
lumpia seasoning (u can get this in any Asian Store and it's optional)
flour (1/4 cups or less than)
1 egg (use the white only)
spring roll
sauce (Asian sauce or ketchup)


Mix the ground pork or beef, salt and pepper, carrots, green beans in a bowl

Spring Roll, wrapper for the meat

spread the meat in one line, roll it over then cut it in half

Paste the wrapped meat using white egg, then dip both ends to the flour
Then Fry it

Home Made Lumpia with sauce
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  1. i also like lumpia..lumpia shanghai..