1)Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

* Area Agency on Aging 800-852-7795, 800-803-7174
*Macomb Co Dept of Senior Services 586-469-6313

Recipients of Medicare from Social Security can enroll Medicare Part D (Prescription Benefit) which began January 1, 2006. Low income persons below 150% of poverty (currently $1197 per month income for one, $1604 for two) can receive "extra help" from Social Security (800-772-1213), at reduced or no premium. For advice about which provider to choose call the Area Agency on Aging's Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (800-469-6313) or Social Security (1-800-MEDICARE 800-633-4227), or see medicare .

2) World Medical Relief , 313-866-5333

* info@worldmedicalrelief.org
* worldmedicalrelief

For persons in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties age 18 and older who do not have prescription drug coverage and monthly income is $1583 per month (single) or $2583 (couple), add $25 per dependent, and not currently enrolled in Medicaid. Prescriptions are mailed to your home. There is an $8.30 co-pay per Rx. Call for application and information.

3) VA Benefits, 800-511-8056

Prescription are available for low income veterans at no charge. If income is over $9894 (single) or $12959 (couple) there is a charge of $7 per script.

4) Prescription Resource Network

*586-263-2110,ages 19-59
*586-469-6316, ages 60+

Helps low income Macomb residents without prescription coverage to apply and reapply for free prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies. There is a fee of $25 per year. Income requirements of the pharmaceutical companies vary.


*Any Wal-Mart or Sam's or Target Pharmacy

Will provide up to a 30 day supply of generic drugs on the current list of covered drugs for $4 per prescriptions fill or refill. It must be picked up in person. The current list is online at Wal-Mart .


*Free antibiotics
*Any of the 176 Meijer Pharmacies
* Meijer

Will fill free any prescription for prenatal vitamins and/or for 7 oral generic antibiotics (commonly prescribed for children): Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, SMZ-TMP, Ciprofloxacin, Ampicillin, Penicillin VK, & Erythromycin. They will bill your insurance, but there is no co-pay, and if you have no insurance, the Rx is free.


*Any KMART Pharmacy 800-769-3880

Will provide a 90 day supply of generic drugs for $15. Their formulary is online at Kmart .

8)Rx Outreach

*rxoutreach , 800-769-3880

Provides a 90 day supply of 125 medicines for $20, $30, or $40. Often prescription drugs not available in other programs are included here.

helping patients

all provide info about free prescription programs for low income persons from pharmaceutical companies. These sites will assist with the applications for a free.

themedicineprogram , $5 each, 573-996-7300
prescriptionrelief, $8 each, 1-866-Drug-686
EveryonesRx , $7 each (max $40), 972-287-8889
pprarx, free, 888-4PPA-NOW

9) Medical Outreach Clinic

*free clinic

Provides free medical care and medecations to low income (185% poverty) uninsured persons at St. Maximillian's (23 & north 598-3314) 8:45-12:00, 1st Mondays at Clinton Community Health, 792-8846, 8:45-12:00 on some other Mondays, Mt. Clemens Community Health Outreach Program, 8:45-12:00 on overy tues & thurs.

Call 211 for any medical or human service need
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