When I was in my college days, I remember how careless I was when it came to my computer subjects. I hated all the programming and doing the animation work in the Microsoft PowerPoint. There’s a never ending computation using Microsoft Excel. The commands in Microsoft word made me crazy. That’s not all; I had a hard time figuring out how to use the internet. All this stuff drained my brain so bad. It was so difficult when it came to the exam, I didn’t pass. I was devastated!

Amazingly though, I never thought that I would use these skills in the future. Right now, I am an entrepreneur woman. I have a small clothing line and my business is doing very well. I did a good job in promotion, advertising and in pricing. My business is able to compete well with competitors. However, here in the United States, it’s necessary to have a website when you have a business. Most of Americans, will shop online because of their hectic schedules and it’s very convenient for them. I thank my computer professor for draining my brain, because now I am computer literate. I know all about the internet; like email host. I don’t need to hire someone to work for me. I do it myself and use my knowledge and wisdom to expand, promote and improve my business online.
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