Saint of the week:

A Saint is often an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life of virtue and faith. As Catholics we should use these exemplars to inspire us in our daily lives.

St. Colette (1381-1447)

It seems the world becomes more interesting and challenging from time to time. During these times we must depend on our faith. St. Colette lived in such a time, the time of the Great Western Schism. She was born in Corbie, which is north of Paris near the city of Amiens. Her father was a carpenter for the Benedictine Abbey of Corbie; her mother was Marguerite Moyon. She was orphaned as a young teen and entered the Bequines, a semi monastic community. She would live as a Benedictine and a Poor Clare and even lived for a time as a hermit. During this time 3 men claimed to be Pope. One of them, Benedict XIII (Pedro de Luna) empowered St. Colette to reform the Poor Clares. She began her work in Geneva and before she completed her task, she had founded 17 convents and had started a reform among branches of the Franciscan Friars (the Coletani). She emphasized a return to the Primitive Rule of St. Clare. The practice was austere and included poverty, perpetual fast, abstinence and walking barefoot. She exhibited prophecy, the gift of miracles and mystical experiences. She was Canonized by Pope Pius VII. The Colettine's still exist and practice the Rule today.

This week pray a Rosary in her honor, her feast day is February 6th.
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