A great book for marriage couple. Let say your marriage is not working anymore even though you've done so many counselling or compromises yet it end up nothing or you feel like giving up and walk away. I strongly recommend that you read this book. Through this book, couple will learn many tactics on how to handle marriage trials for instance never ending fight, boredom, lost of interest in intercourse, nonsense argument, dishonesty or lies, disrespect or out of love, disloyal and a lot more marital issues. If you want to get tips on how to handle or save your marriage purchase this book at barnes & noble.

More in love today than your wedding day? It's Possible!
Every marriage-whether it's good or bad or a mix of both-can be better. But what does it take to make the sparks fly in a marriage of five months or fifty years?
James and Betty Robinson, co-host of the LIFE Today television program, have shared many good times and rough times in their almost 50 years as a couple. What are the secrets that cause them to say "we are more in love now than ever before?."
In this book, brimming with down-home wisdom, James and Betty reveal how a committed, growing, lifelong relationship is built and sustained. They don't pretend to be experts, but they have found in their real-world marriage the priceless treasure of a deepening love.
In a dialogue format, which highlights the candor, fun and respect that typify their relationship, James and Betty offer no-nonsense advice on marital issues like expectations, trust, past baggage, money, conflict resolution, sex, parenting, communication, and more. Above all they emphasize that with God at the center of marriage, all good things are possible. No matter how serious the challenges-even in the aftermath of heartbreak and betrayal, any couple can experience the fulfillment of living in love.

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