This book is a good start for your toddler, let them learn the Bible using basic english words with clear illustrations. Your kids will definitely love this and will understand each words easily. This book have 85 interesting Bible stories to encourage spiritual growth to your little ones. In every story there's a fun activity, prayer and picture lesson. They absolutely like it. I strongly recommend this book to all the parents, gradeschool teachers, preschoolers, and churches. This will be a good teaching material for your kids and students. It's affordable so better get a copy at Barnes and Noble.

I would like to thank the Tyndale House for sending me this book for free. I like this book a lot. Every night before my daughter go to bed, I read atleast 3 stories. Through this book, she learned so fast about Christianity. Amazingly she knew who is God, who is Jesus Christ, how the earth and human created, who is Abraham, Isaac, Mary and Joseph. She's very smart little girl.

The BIBLE young children can really get their hands on!

Go from just reading the Bible with your kids to experiencing it! My First Hands-On Bible does what no other Bible can-it brings the Bible to life with fun activities and games that tie directly to the Bible Stories.

My First Hands-On Bible Features;
*85 exciting Bible stories from the clear and easy-to-understand New Living Translation
*"Jesus Connection" to help kids see Jesus through out the Bible
*Colorful, original illustrations
*Exciting activities and top-notch games created by the people who brought you the award-winning Hands-On Bible curriculum

With My First Hands-On Bible , kids will get into the Bible, and the Bible will get into their hearts, giving them a priceless foundation of faith in God.

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