Last Saturday morning, my family had an appointment in the OptimEyes clinic located at 13 Mile, Gratiot for our eye check up. I was kind of impressed on the Eye machine that they've used. It was really hightech and amazing. The Optemetrician told me that through the machine they can easily detect and tell you straight what's wrong with your eyes without doing any manual procedure. But they want accuracy of the result so they're doing both procedures. About my eyes, they found out that my right eye is near sighted and the left one is far sighted. So my right eye is the one who's working too hard than the other one. No wonder, I usually felt the pain in my left head. Though my eyes both in good condition, my Optometrist still prescribed me to wear an eyeglass knowing I often use computer and do some knit. Well, I don't want to get it worst so better to take care of it right now.
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